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Thread: Keyboard A4000 - Help
Tiago 16:18 5th March 2013
My A4000 is working great, now, only the keyboard needs to be fixed.

A lot of keys don't work. I open it, clean it, but still not ok.
For example the "a" key is not working, i try to make the contact between the 2 points with a wire, just to make sure it was not the key that was not pressing in the correct place, but it didn't work.

Any ideas in what to do?

I have an CDTV working, and i read somewhere that i could make an adapter to used it in A4000, it's just a pin setup. Anyone knows about it?
Harrison 16:44 5th March 2013
A4000 keyboard port and CD32 serial port are the same. You can plug an A4000 keyboard in and it will work on the CD32 without any modifications.

I can't remember if the A4000 keyboard is the same, but A500 and A1200 keyboards all have a chip built into the keyboard that controls the key presses. This could be the issue, as could the keyboard membrane. But the other main keyboard issue is the 2 CIA chips on the motherboard.

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Tiago 18:01 5th March 2013
I did a quick search, and it's the A4000 is a 6 pin while the DTV is a 5 pin, but i can make an adaptor since the signals are the same, just need to change pins according the pin out. Some one did it with success. I bought a 6 pin male and a 5 pin female from ebay for less then 4 pounds including shipping... i will try it.
Harrison 23:52 5th March 2013
Misread your original post. Thought you had said CD32, rather than CDTV. The CDTV has the same keyboard connector as the A2000.