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Thread: Playstation 4 announcement event
Harrison 02:37 22nd February 2013
Did anyone else watch the Playstation Meeting 2013?

If you missed it, you can watch a repeat over at

Sony used the event to announce the Playstation 4.

It was quite long as just under 2 hours, but loads of things to enjoy. It was more a developers PS4 game preview event than actually showing off the finished PS4.

They didn't actually show us what the PS4 would look like, but we did get to see the new Dualshock 4 controller. This looks very much like the PS3 version, but with a new touchpad area in the centre and a new share button which enables instant social networking features during gaming. It also has a lightbar on the back, which like the Move controllers changes colour for each player and can be tracked. This will be combined with a new sensorbar that looks and sounds very much like the 360's Kinect. It has stereo cameras and tracks the lightbar on each controller for realtime movement.

Other than that, actual hardware specs are as follows:

It will support instant on and game resume. So you can power down the system during a game and it will resume exactly where you left off.

Another interesting idea will be the ability to start playing games before they have fully downloaded. It is annoying having to wait for a 20GB game to download, that is for sure, but I'm wondering if a gamer on a slowish network (6Mb or less) will be able to utilise this feature as a game can still take 3+ hours at these speeds. We will see (but there is also the hope of BT rolling out fibre to more UK locations this year too).

It will also be utilising the Playstation Vita, allowing you to use the PS4 as a game server and the Vita as a terminal, so you can continue playing your PS4 games when away from the main system.

Another thing mentioned was backwards compatibility. It won't be able to play PS3 games or other earlier system games, which isn't a surprise due to the new system architecture. Instead they will be offering the ability to play all PS1, 2 and 3 games via cloud/virtual game streaming. An interesting idea and quite cool if they get it to work well.

Loads more about the event and its content can be read at:

And a more detailed run down of everything covered at the event:

Console features

Sony says the hardware has been designed with developers' needs in mind, a stark contrast to the early days of the PS3 and the claims that it was notoriously hard to develop for.

A new suspend mode lets you "switch off" the PS4 and store the game's current state in its memory. When you return to the system later and press the power button, the game will instantly carry on where it left off, with no need to boot the system and load the game.

The new PlayStation 4 menu screen will let you see what your friends are doing, while also recommending games, TV shows, movies and music to you. These recommendations will be specific ones unique to you, based on your previous downloads. For example, if you've spent a lot of time playing FIFA 14, it'll recommend the FIFA 15 demo when it's available.

Much like the Wii U, the PS4 can run multiple apps at once. While playing a game, you can load a web browser to check out walkthroughs or do some online reconnaissance.

PlayStation 4 games will be playable on Vita via Wi-Fi using Remote Play. It's not yet clear whether this applies to every single game or whether it's a game-by-game option that developers will need to activate, as is the case for PS3. All Sony has said so far is that "your favourite PS4 games" will feature Remote Play.

The PlayStation App is a new app that Sony will be releasing on iOS and Android devices, allowing you to use your smartphone or tablet as a second screen that acts as a map or lets you see how a friend is doing in that particular section of the game. It's a similar idea to Microsoft's SmartGlass and, of course, the Wii U GamePad.

It has been confirmed that the PS4 will NOT block pre-owned games.

Network features

Digital titles purchased from the PlayStation Store can be played as they download. The system will download the first part of the game so you can start playing it quickly, then continue to download the rest of the game's assets in the background as you play. This also implies there will no longer be a need to install games as with the PS3.

While Sony isn't completely blocking anonymous usernames, it does want to let people play online with their real names, integrating their gaming with social networks such as Facebook.

Gaikai technology will let you instantly try out sections of any game on the PlayStation Store. While the way in which this happens isn't yet clear, it's likely it will come in the form of timed streaming demos, much like the OnLive console offers.

You can broadcast a live stream of your gameplay via Ustream, so that other gamers can see your progress.

If you're stuck in a game you can ask your friends to help you. This can either come in the form of text comments that will appear on the screen like notifications, or they can actually take over the game's controls and beat a section of the game for you.

The PlayStation 4 can be updated while the console is switched off, potentially putting an end to the dreaded lengthy firmware updates that annoyed PS3 owners.

The system does NOT require an always-online connection.

The DualShock 4 Controller

The controller features a touch pad on the front, similar to the rear touch pad on the PlayStation Vita. This is a capacitive touch pad (much like that on a phone), supporting two touches at once. This may be useful for mouse-like in control in games such as Diablo III (though it hasn't yet been confirmed if it'll use that control method).

A new "SHARE" button lets you add screenshots and gameplay footage to your Facebook feed. It's not yet clear how long captured videos can last.

An LED Light Bar, similar to the LED ball on the PlayStation Move, sits along the top of the DualShock 4. Much like the Move, it can change colour for various needs (player indicators, damage indicators etc). It can also be used for Move-like controls (see the PlayStation 4 Eye section below).

The Start and Select buttons have been scrapped in favour of a single Options button.

The controller's built-in speaker will let you hear additional sounds much like the Wii U GamePad. Alternatively, there's also a headphone jack which lets you hear these sounds in greater detail as well as friends' voices during chat.
Speaking of chat, the PS4 will come with a mono headset provided.

There's a new built-in sensor inside the pad which Sony promises will enable "highly sensitive motion control". Presumably this means the Sixaxis motion control has been improved.

The controller's existing buttons - most notably the dual analogue sticks and L2 and R2 buttons - have been redesigned in accordance with developers' wishes (and presumably those of the vocal gaming community).

The PlayStation 4 Eye

The new PlayStation 4 Eye new camera, expected to be bundled with the system, appears to be Sony's answer to Kinect (which, in a sense, was Microsoft's response to the first EyeToy). It features two high-sensitivity 1280x800 cameras with wide-angle lenses and 85-degree diagonal angle views which, according to Sony, "can recognise the depth of space precisely".

Sony claims the camera can "cut out the image of the player from the background" or track their distance from the TV, allowing players to move their bodies to play. Players can also sign in with facial recognition.

The PlayStation 4 Eye also includes four microphones, allowing it to accurately detect sound and where it originated from.

Much like the previous Eye worked with the PlayStation Move, the new Eye tracks the LED Light Bar on the front of the DualShock 4 controller (like a more accurate Wii sensor bar), allowing for Move-style controls. With every PS4 owner potentially having Move-like controls instead of it being optional, this could have interesting connotations for upcoming games.

The games

Killzone: Shadow Fall is the fourth main game in the Killzone series. According to Sony, "you play as an elite Shadow Marshal charged with keeping tensions between the Helghast and Vektans from boiling over."

inFAMOUS: Second Son
is the third inFamous game. It's set in Seattle seven years after the events of the previous games and, rather than starring Cole McGrath, sees you playing as a new hero - 24-year-old Delsin Rowe, who can manipulate smoke.

DriveClub is a new racing game from Motorstorm developer Evolution Studios. Its focus is is on social connectivity, with players able to create "Drive Clubs" and challenge others. Evolution claims this is the game it always wanted to make - the Drive Club name was trademarked almost a decade ago - but the technology is only ready now.

New IP Knack is being developed by Sony's Japan Studio in co-operation with Mark Cerny (Sonic 2, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank). According to the Sony blurb: "Turn into a gigantic fighting machine thanks to the power of ancient relics in this vibrant new adventure."

Watch_Dogs was shown during Ubisoft's E3 press conference last year but it was finally confirmed for PS4 last night (as well as PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC).

The Witness
is the latest puzzle game from Braid creator Jonathan Blow.

Destiny: The upcoming online shooter from Bungie was confirmed as a PS4 title, with PS4-exclusive content also promised.

Blizzard announced its return to console gaming with PS3 and PS4 ports of Diablo III.

A series of tech demos shown included Capcom's Deep Down, Quantic Dream's facial animation tech, Square Enix's Agni's Philosophy demo (as shown previously) and an interesting Media Molecule demo, in which the PlayStation Move controller was used to create sculptures and animate puppets.

A massive 149 development studios and publishers companies have committed to supporting the PS4.
Tiago 09:42 22nd February 2013
I saw it live.
What new stuff does it have? USB 3.0 .... what else ?? It's faster, sure, more memory yes.... but the rest it's the same? Video is fullhd, TVs don't have more then that so far. Sound? Doulby Digital bla bla bla.... the same stuff.... so, what about innovatoin? Only the "eye"?
More speed and memory don't look like evolution or innovation to me.
I wounder about the game prices it will have...
Harrison 12:47 22nd February 2013
Think of it as an evolution of the PS3, rather than a whole new approach. Sony have been developing the PS3 constantly this generation and the PS4 will just allow their direction to continue into the future.

The big difference is very close developer discussions to create a system that is really easy to develop for, and in turn really easy to port game to and from. The PS2 and PS3 were both very hard to develop for as they had very complicate custom CPUs and GPUs. Looking at the PS4 spec sheet you will notice that the hardware is very much PC based for the PS4. This really reduced Sony's manufacturing costs for one, but also a x86 based 64bit CPU with 8 cores and a Radeon GPU mean any developers already able to code PC games can jump straight in and know what the hardware can do. 8GB of very fast bandwidth DDR5 ram (normally only seen on GPUs) opens the system up for much more than can currently be achieved. The biggest issue on current gen 360 and PS3 is the amount of system ram. When cross developing with PC current consoles have to take a bit to allow for less ram and slower bandwidth between parts.
Demon Cleaner 13:11 22nd February 2013
Watch Dogs looks very promising, really like my cup of tea, wonder if it's also still coming out for PS3, or definitely only for PS4 launch.
Tiago 13:28 22nd February 2013
Originally Posted by Harrison:
Think of it as an evolution of the PS3, rather than a whole new approach.
If it is a evolution from PS3, then it should be backward compatible ... i guess it will not be (?)
Harrison 14:53 22nd February 2013
The PS4 uses completely different hardware so no it won't be backwardly compatible with anything. However you will be able to play PS1, 2 and 3 games virtually streaming on Sony's network... which does of course mean you will have to buy them again (I expect), unless they can do some kind of proof of purchase system, maybe if your games are already registered with your PS3. Unsure though.

For evolution, I meant the functionality and feel of the system, not direct evolution of the same hardware, which would of held Sony back too much. The PS4 is designed specifically to allow developers to get the most out of it much more easily.

@DC. Watch Dogs does indeed look very nice. I like the concept of being able to identify anyone in the world because they are all interconnected through social networks and other online services. Looks really good being able to hack and exploit systems. I think it is coming to both the PS3 and PS4. Obviously you won't be able to play it on your current PS3 because it's an online only game.
Teho 15:17 22nd February 2013
It will be, but not natively. It'll use Gaikai's streaming solution for backwards compatibility, so you'll be streaming older games. No further information on how this will work as of yet. [E: To Tiago. Harrison snuck in a post there while I was writing mine.]

Yeah, I saw the announcement as well. I'm cautiously optimistic. The simplistic hardware is great news as this has been a big hurdle with the PS3, and the main reason just about every cross-platform game runs better on the 360. Would be the other way around if the PS3 was the lead development platform, but it never was. There wasn't many of the exclusive games that intrigued me however. Drive Club looks and sounds great, it's a really interesting concept. But it's by the Motorstorm developer. never liked Motorstorm. Initially fun games, but very frustrating and chaotic to play due to the way the AI was done. It knows it's an AI and uses group tactics where individual opponents won't care so much about winning as they care about stopping you from winning and will happily ram the both of you into a wall, not caring if it ruins its own race in the process. Very annoying and unrealistic. But the Drive Club concept is interesting, I will be watching out for that.

Also there was an inFamous game. Liked those games so wouldn't mind another of those. Of the others, Killzone is just one big technically impressive yawn. And I stopped caring about Final Fantasy some time after they hit the double digits. The rest that were announced I think are cross platform and I will likely get them on PC instead anyway.

They have some good ideas with the social aspects. Like using real names and pictures, making it easier to remember who's who in your friends list. That's one thing I've struggled with. Aprat from that I've never been much interested in playing socially so probably won't be exploring those features much anyway.

Really interested in what they're doing with Gaikai though. Not only will they use this for older games, but they will use this for demoing games as well. No longer necessary to download 2 Gigs to demo a game, just stream and try it right away. Also you can stream directly from your console, there will be a dedicated chip in it to handle all of that. Not only can you upload to youtube at the click of a button, you can stream to ustream or even straight to another person's console. For example, I could turn on my console and see Harrison playing a game I'm curious about. I can simply watch him play it and have a chat with him about it right there. I'm sure you can disable this if you want your privacy though. I know streaming has its problems with lag and image quality due to bottlenecks and this will never surpass gaming natively, but I admit that I think Sony has some cool ideas with it. Will be fun to see where this goes.
Harrison 15:34 22nd February 2013
Streaming will definitely be an issue for the beginning of the PS4 as so many people are still stuck on relatively slow broadband networks. Mine f.ex. is only 6Mbits so I could have some issues, although I@m meant to be able to upgrade to BT's new Infinity Fibre at the end of June which should offer 72Mb down and 20Mb up... so that should help. Only issue I have with that is it being via BT, as I know they traffic shape even on their unlimited packages. Whereas my current provider BE don't at all.
Demon Cleaner 16:40 22nd February 2013
Originally Posted by Harrison:
Obviously you won't be able to play it on your current PS3 because it's an online only game.
Didn't know that, that's a bit annoying, as I'm not the biggest online gamer.

I plan to install the 4.30.1 Rebug CFW on my PS3 next week, so that I can play all the new games, plus also the older games, and I will be able to actually go online with the SEN enabler, which I already tested, and it worked fine, I synched my trophies once again.

Some say you don't need to apply the original eboot files again to your older already patched games when on 4.30, others say you will have to, will see that. And anyway, there's many seems that offer the original eboot files for download.

I mainly want to test this, as I also now got the strategy guide for Ni No Kuni, and I really want to play that game, so hopefully everything will work how it should, or at least how I think it should
Tiago 17:08 22nd February 2013
Originally Posted by :
I plan to install the 4.30.1 Rebug CFW on my PS3 next week
I know someone who did it....
If you need help with it.
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