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Thread: Playstation 4 announcement event
Demon Cleaner 04:51 27th February 2013
Fortunately this version of Ni No Kuni works flawlessly. It's a PSN version from Duplex repacked by afd, no need to sign it, or run through reactPSN, it just works straight away. Also there's no freezing at all, played for 3 hours now, and everything's fine.

Btw, the game is really good, I can see why it got so great reviews everywhere. I also got the strategy guide, so I guess I will be busy for some weeks
Kin Hell 09:16 27th February 2013
Originally Posted by Harrison:
They are talking about cfw ps3's Charlie.
I thought I was off the mark slightly. Gah, you k0ns0l0rZ!
Demon Cleaner 10:18 27th February 2013
Yeah, me and Tiago are quite off topic
Sharingan 20:51 18th September 2013
Who will be getting the PS4? Anyone preordered?

Since I've mostly been a Playstation-person since the start, I'll probably get one eventually, but not at launch. As others have mentioned, the PS4 is mostly an evolution of the PS3, so beside prettier graphics I'm not expecting that much. It'll be nice to see what can be achieved in a next-gen Gran Turismo, Uncharted and/or Red Dead Redemption, though.
Harrison 00:39 19th September 2013
I've not preordered one and don't intend buying one at launch. I will get one, but later, when some decent games are available and some second-hand games are available. Same for the Xbox One.

First wave launch hardware is also always the worst, and if any issues exist they will have it. Look at the problems they had with the 360 launch consoles and some of the launch PS3's. I will wait until that is ironed out and fixed before buying.
Demon Cleaner 05:20 19th September 2013
I usually never get a console at it's release, but this time I'm quite tempted. But it's true, like Harrison mentioned, if there's still some problems existing, the first consoles will obviously have them. Don't wanna send a new console back after only 1 month. I still have about 200 games to play on the PS3, so I might still be busy for some time
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