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Thread: 6MB Sram PCMCIA on Amiga 600 will it be able to adress 4mb
overkill1970 20:05 6th February 2013
Hello .... i am new on this forum... of course not new with working on a amiga.

I bought a 600 and want Fastram.... i found a 6MB Compaq Flash Ram PCMCIA card.
I know the 600 can only adres 4MB through the pcmcia port... can i put the 6MB card in so that it will use 4mb or will the 600 reject the card.

Thanks for the supp
Harrison 01:29 7th February 2013
I've never tried a card larger than 4MB, so really don't know what will happen. If it is a 16bit SRam pcmcia card then in theory it should work with the a600. But you won't know until you do.

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Kin Hell 15:50 7th February 2013
Harrison is right. Try it and see. You won't do any damage by trying & the Amiga was always a clever computer with regard to this kind of thing. I've seen 8mb only A1200 cards take a 16 and show only 8mb & that's 32Bit memory. Like wise, the A4000T takes 4 x 4Mb Simms on the Mobo, but 2 x 8Mb ones work in alternate slots. Good luck fella.