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Thread: Need help with realistic price estimates
Ghost 20:15 2nd February 2013
Hello people,

I have some games in my collection which I am not interested in keeping anymore but I don't have any idea what I can ask for them on sites like Amibay as in some cases it is difficult to find out how much they are worth.

Can people give me some realistic estimates for the following games?
With some games I have mentioned their condition as that must be taken into account for an asking price.


Cannon Fodder (re release)
Baldur's Gate (small box, includes expansions)
Stalker (deluxe version)
Star Wars Republic Commando


Alien Breed 3D
Starflight 1 (used, box shows wear and tear)
Liberation: Captive 2
Liberation Amiga CD32 version
Cult (re release)

Amiga CD

Wasted Dreams
Codename Hellsquad
Earth 2140
Foundation expansion CD
Land of Genesis (this might not be an original release)

Commodore 64

Project Firestart (completely new, still wrapped in original plastic)

Atari ST

Sundog Frozen Legacy (new but wrapping is torn open here and there)
Harrison 20:44 2nd February 2013
Hi. A few rare ones there, but most are not worth much these days, even boxed and in good condition. I'm giving estimates in pounds sterling.


Cannon Fodder (re release) -- 3
Baldur's Gate (small box, includes expansions) -- 5 (maybe less now that an updated version has been released).
Stalker (deluxe version) -- 5
Star Wars Republic Commando -- 4


Alien Breed 3D -- 3
Starflight 1 (used, box shows wear and tear) -- 15 (quite rare)
Epic -- 3
Captive -- 10
Liberation: Captive 2 -- 8
Liberation Amiga CD32 version -- 6
Cult (re release) -- 10 maybe more as seems to be rare

Amiga CD

Napalm -- 15
Wasted Dreams -- 10
Codename Hellsquad -- 10
Earth 2140 -- 20
Foundation -- 12
Foundation expansion CD -- 10
Land of Genesis (this might not be an original release) -- 10

These CD games might be worth more though as they are hard to find these days. You cound consider offering them as one bundle. Say for 80.

Commodore 64

Project Firestart (completely new, still wrapped in original plastic) -- no idea.

Atari ST

Sundog Frozen Legacy (new but wrapping is torn open here and there) -- Very rare game so guessing 20+
Ghost 12:44 3rd February 2013
Hello Dave,

When I decided to sell these games I did realize that I would accept that the prices these games would be worth less than I ever gave for them.
I think this is pretty much what I can expect when I offer these games on for example Amibay. Selling all the Amiga CD games as one package might also be better.
Ghost 19:18 6th March 2013
Hello all,

There is one more old game I want to sell which I need a price estimate on.
Unfortunate as it is really old (it came out in the 80s) there are no copies on Ebay to compare it with.

The game is Time Bandit for the Atari ST. It is basically two copies (legal ones and not illegal ones) in one package that comes with a separate manual (it is to big for the casing of the games) which I have bought separately but have put together.

Does anyone here know what a realistic asking price for it would be?
pinocchio 18:48 27th March 2014
Hello, sorry if I write here, can somebody tell me how much can estimate Pinocchio cd32 CDTV (giunti), because i want to sell/exchange with other games i never had.
Thank you
Ghost 00:04 14th October 2014
Hello all,

I wanted to open a new thread for this but I see that there is already one I made.
Well I have decided that I want to sell the Amiga games I have collected over the years, my passion for collecting has dried up.

But before I put them on Ebay I would like to ask the people here what would be the most realistic price to ask for them.

All these games are as is as I have no means to test if they work but I assume that they would as I bought them from large stores on Ebay.


Cannon Fodder

Dragon Wars

James Pond 3

Chaos Engine (Amiga 1200)

Chaos Engine 2

Alien Breed 3D

If I need to post more details I will hear it from any of you.
Tiago 09:50 14th October 2014
I have no idea about the prices. All the games i bought before went from 3 to 20 euros. Elite 2 was the most expensive, going to +/- 25 including shipping cost. But some of them can go higher i guess.

I would like to buy you "Walker", don't make the minimum idea what would be a realistic price. I offer you 20 euros with shipping included to Portugal.
Harrison 23:41 19th October 2014
Amiga games in good condition with all manuals and other contents are showing an increase in value recently. It's actually impossible to say exactly what they are all worth because it really is a guessing game and entirely depends on whom is looking to buy them.

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Ghost 06:32 20th October 2014
Thing is Harrison, when I want to put them on Amibay I would like to have at least a start out price that is somewhat realistic rather than have people do random offers.
I have had some bad experience with trying to sell games without having a opening price amount.

Also, planning to upload some more pictures of games today or tomorrow.
I have some games that are complete but which boxes aren't always in the greatest of conditions so I probably should ask a smaller price for those.

- - - Updated - - -

Well here are more photos of the other games I want to sell.
Some sadly are in a damaged state which probably means I can only ask small prices for them.
Any advice would be appreciated.

Kult Action Sixteen re release

Starflight 1

Earth 2140

James Pond 1

Robocop 3

Fantastic Voyage


James Pond 2 Robocod

Warning, parts of the box are discolored


This also includes its predecessor "Utopia", the manual, tutorial, and discs. I had the box with it but a determined mailman (and mail service I think) crushed and ruined the box when it was sent to me.

- - - Updated - - -

Mega lo Mania



Apocalypse (undamaged version)

Apocalypse damaged version)
Sadly the box of this copy had suffered some damage to one of the corner before I got it, thus it will be sold for a lower price


- - - Updated - - -

Impossible Mission 2025 (A500 version)
Some damage and folds to the box

Fire Force
Box with quite some tear and damage, fixed with tape
This also includes the CD32 version which I am throwing in with the disc version

Impossible Mission 2025 CD32 book version

First Samurai
DonAmiga 23:19 20th October 2014
It's probably best to take some sort of average price from ebay and forget about the ones that are extremely high priced on ebay as you'll tend to see that they never sell, If they're in better condition then work from a slightly higher average price, if you're selling on amibay then you can nock the price down after a few days if your not getting any interest! They're only worth what someone is willing to pay
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