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Thread: Rocket Ranger, It came from the desert, & ICFTD2: Antheads
Ghost 04:52 1st January 2013
Hello all,

First of all, I hope you all had a good Christmas and a happy new year.

I have another question about collecting Amiga games I hope people here can help me with.
I have my eye on three Cinemaware games; the mentioned titles in the topic head of this thread.
From what I have read they have been received well in general by Amiga users, and I know what kind of games they are (in general a collection of various connected mini games).

But I want to know is if people here feel they are worth collecting.
I love the themes behind the games, one being a sort of Buck Rogers esque caper against Nazis while the other is a tribute to old B monster movies such as 'Them', but that doesn't mean much of the games aren't good.

Also what would be the most reasonable prices for these games, I have looked them up on EBay but I often feel sellers ask there more than games are worth in reality.

Hope to hear from people.
Phantom 14:31 6th January 2013
Hi and happy new year too. I don't know about Rocker Ranger, but both It Came From The Desert games are very good. Actually almost all Cinemaware games have this nice interactive movie feeling, and with very good gameplay too (look for other titles like King of Chicago, TV Sports Basketball etc). Yes, the prices are up for those games, so prepare to pay between 20 to 50 euros depending if the game is complete and its overall condition.
Ghost 05:36 8th January 2013
Thank you, you are the first person who has responded in days.

By now I have picked up a copy of both ICFTD and its expansion Antheads and I hope to receive them in the coming weeks.
As you said these games can be quite expensive regarding condition and contents but I think I managed to get them both in a nice condition for a reasonable price.

I am going to wait with Rocket Ranger for now, I love the theme of the game but I need to think about it if I want it now.