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Thread: Ultimate Extreme Dedicated Games Room!
Harrison 01:34 24th November 2012
Has anyone else been following the guy's Games Room project?

The initial Gamesroom project, fully converting a garage into a room for his arcade cabinets was more than impressive for me.. but then he wanted more room, so extended the building out the side to double it and allow more arcade cabs... but was that enough room? No way!... he then decides he wants to add some more space, but you really need to look at the project and see what he has ended up with. It is insane.

It's also still not quite finished so worth checking the thread from time to time over there.

If you haven't seen the project before I recommend starting on page one and following it right through to the current stage V3 of the on going project. It will amaze and shock you all at once.
Ivanhoe 14:39 25th January 2015
That's incredible!!! I've never seen anything like that before...
Kin Hell 12:22 8th February 2015
That's an amazing find H. I remember reading the very same thread almost ten years back.....

& yeah....innit mental now.