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Thread: More Kickstarters
Teho 21:12 21st November 2012
I've been looking at a couple of Kickstarter projects lately and thought I could mention some interesting ones here if you haven't allready heard of them.

Just announced today is GODUS. This is Peter Molyneux and his team at 22cans who is looking at reimagining Populous. He feels nobody has really been able to recreate the magic of that game, so now he's going to try for himself. Needs £450,000. Too early to tell if this is going to succeed, but my bet is that it will.

A company called Retro Fusion wants to make The History of Ocean Software. This will be a book detailing the history of Ocean. It will of course include input and anecdotes from a lot of the people involved with Ocean and other major developers at the time. Full Colour and high production values is promised. If you like your videogame history, this looks like something worth having. Has raised almost £5,000 of its £12,000 goal with over 20 days to go. With a good push towards the end this one has a good chance.

Amiga game musician Allister Brimble wants to remake most of his classic Amiga themes and release them on a double album called The Amiga Works. These will be proper high quality productions, not just some quick remakes like the ones musicians like this sometimes make just for fun. If you don't know much of Allister Brimble's work, he worked for several developers either as an employee or freelance in the Amiga days, most notably Storm, Codemasters and Team 17. He created a lot of music for their titles, which include the Body Blows games, Superfrog, Full Contact, Assassin, the Alien Breed series, Overdrive, Indy Heat, Several Dizzy games, Project-X, Troddlers and many more. These are just examples, there is no finalised tracklist yet. Pledge high enough (£40) and you will also receive a USB stick with all the original mod-files and many of the sound effects like speech samples from Alien Breed. It will also contain a number of ringtones created from the original music and effects. The goal is £13,000. With over £9,000 collected and with over 40 days to go this one is a certainty.

Will keep posting interesting projects in this topic as I come across them.
Demon Cleaner 04:03 22nd November 2012
I like the art they want to use for Godus, looks great. The idea of building 'up' is also great.
Harrison 23:13 22nd November 2012
These all look very interesting projects. Well definitely check them out some more tomorrow.

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Teho 14:48 23rd November 2012
Didn't take long for antoher to turn up: The Oliver Twins wants to make a new Dizzy game, Dizzy Returns. Barring one or two remakes for modern platforms, this will be the first Dizzy game for twenty years and will be an original new game, not a remake. Will also include a retro mode with 8-bit graphics and the classic difficulty level.
Requires £350,000 and will be developed for PC and iOS to start with.

Whether this one makes it or not is up in the air, I think. I'm a bit pessimistic actually. The problem here is that Dizzy hasn't remained a well-known brand for all these years but has faded into obscurity for all but retrogeeks like us. I think £350,000 will be hard to reach for something most people don't know what is anymore. I think they should have aimed lower. Then again there might be retrogeeks like us aplenty that want to see a new Dizzy title, so I might be surprised. Will be interesting to see how this develops.
Harrison 00:30 24th November 2012
I saw that mentioned today on a site somewhere. I wondered how long it might be before a proper Dizzy was attempted again (rather than those lame handheld ports recently).
Teho 14:23 8th February 2013
Dreamfall Chapters was added to kickstarter today. If you've been following gaming news, Ragnar TÝrnquist has been talking about this follow-up to The Longest Journey series for a while, and that he would go to kickstarter for most of the funding. And here it is.

So it's obviously a sequel to Dreamfall. And from the looks of it will play exactly like it did, third person adventuring with three main playable characters. So no going back to its point'n'click roots I'm afraid. Still, it's a good story they've been telling in the previous two games, I'm interested in seeing the rest. Has almost $90.000 of its $850.000 goal in the first day, no doubt this will get made.
Tiago 14:42 8th February 2013
ZoŽ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loves both games
Demon Cleaner 16:57 8th February 2013
They already arrived to $175,443.
Teho 17:33 9th February 2013
Yeah, turns out I was early in saying they had $90.000 in the first day. In the end, they hit $400.000 in 24 hours! I think it's safe to assume now that this is a thing that is definitely getting made.
Harrison 11:30 10th February 2013
That is great news.

Talking about kickstarter projects, have you all seen the latest one?

In the US they petitioned the White House to get the Death Star made (as in Star Wars), but the amusing letter of reply back said that at this current time the US defence budget was concentrating on other things. It also contained some other amusing references to the film, such as its design having a fatal flaw leaving it vunrable to small space ships... anyway, because the government turned down the idea those instigating it have now launched a Kickstarter project to raise the money needed to build it themselves! Was already close to $200,000 when I looked. Nearly enough for the estimate needed to get the plans drawn up.

Just imagine if they actually managed this. Would be mad!
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