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Thread: More Kickstarters
Teho 20:59 25th November 2015
I'm surprised I haven't heard of this sooner. And that's probably this project's problem. I've backed a number of gaming book kickstarters now, and whenever a new one is created several of the old ones will send out updates telling you about the new one. But I haven't heard anything about this one, and haven't seen it in the gaming news I follow either. Seems to me they've failed at marketing this one properly. Shame, I would've liked this one. (I did pledge, but it's obvious this isn't going to reach it's goal)
Tiago 12:14 26th November 2015
If is only available in French, why the video is in English?
Demon Cleaner 14:49 26th November 2015
Funny one here, just read the text in the picture, and LOOK at the pictures, that looks really professional

But don't look at it too long, you might get autheritis in your eyes
Tiago 17:03 26th November 2015

the best project i ever seen.... lol
Demon Cleaner 20:50 25th June 2019
Last update I got from the Elite Archives book was October 2017. Is the project dead and money gone?
Teho 17:02 27th June 2019
Seems to be the case.

He started two other book projects as well, The Mastertronic Archives and A Complete History of Game Controllers. Both of these haven't had any updates since october last year.

I don't think it was a scam from the start though, a lot of work went into the kickstarters and sample PDFs were given out as he progressed. Volume 1 of A Complete History of Game Controllers was actually completed and backers received the PDF ages ago. But he's yet to deliver the physical book. The last update was actually him recieiving the sample books from the printer, getting ready for the full print run for that book. Then nothing.

As for Elite Archives, I think in one of the updates ages ago he said he'd focus on these other books first as they were less work to finish and he needed to complete something so he could start selling, or something like that? He was going to resume work on Elite Archives afterwards. But at this point I'll be very surprised to see that project finished at all, even just in PDF form.
Harrison 11:16 28th June 2019
Might be real life issues getting in the way, but having taken money you should update and respect your backers.
Demon Cleaner 15:41 28th June 2019
Originally Posted by :
293 backers pledged AU$ 41,282 to help bring this project to life.
Well, not too bad.
Harrison 10:13 29th June 2019
AU$ converts to about 22k or 25k. So yeah a fair amount. Enough to fund the project and a few months wages to get it complete.
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