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Thread: More Kickstarters
Teho 22:12 27th February 2015
Kickstarter for From Bedrooms to Billions: The Amiga Years is now live.
Teho 13:26 24th March 2015
Dave Lowe aka Uncle Art wants to do a remake album of his classic videogames music. He did music for several platforms, Amiga games includes Street Fighter II, IK+, Beneath A Steel Sky, Microprose Formula One Grand Prix and Frontier: Elite II. It will include a full orchestra version of the Frontier: Elite II theme. There may also be a bonus disc with the original tracks, including versions that have never been released on the internet or otherwise. It's not off to a good start with less than 1/4 of the goal reached in the first couple of days but may still make it. Kickstarters usually get most of their pledges during the first and the last days and a healthy project will normally get nearly half of its goal at the start.
Harrison 16:58 24th March 2015
But that's only if they get the publicity needed to "kickstart" the fund-raising.

Would be great if it does happen.

The thing is.. unlike a book which needs funding to publish and edit, music can still be composed by a musician in their spare time, so I personally don't see Kickstarters as being so important, other than to secure the musician revenue prior to release.
Teho 18:58 24th March 2015
The money is needed so the musician can set aside time and work on it full time as an official project without having to work on something else at the same time to pay the bills. There's actually a big difference in quality for a musician to work on something full time as opposed to doing something with it in their spare time. A spare time project won't receive as much attention and is usually something the musician does when he's just messing around and experimenting, and not something intended as a serious release.

Take Allister Brimble for example. He's remade a few of his songs over the years and most of those are found on the Immortal albums. But when you listen to those and compare them with the ones he made for The Amiga Works which he kickstarted and fully devoted himself to, the difference in quality is immediately obvious. Chris Hülsbeck as well, he's played around with the songs from the Turrican games many times, but again, his kickstarted Turrican Soundtrack Anthology is something else entirely.

In this case though a good chunk of the funding is meant for hiring the London orchestra and studio time at Abbey Road for it. Another reason for backing these kickstarters is that there are often special perks such as vinyl editions that won't ever be available anywhere again.
Harrison 10:19 25th March 2015
OK, I understand the orchestra and studio time, something you do need up front funding for.

However, working freelance and in Design Agencies for over 15 years as a designer from a similar art based profession we often have to work on something and deliver it before we get any payment. Sometimes leaving us out of pocket in the interim.
Demon Cleaner 07:47 15th May 2015
ZX Spectrum Kickstarter is live.
Demon Cleaner 13:23 30th September 2015
The guys that brought back the Shadowrun series to Kickstarter, now want to release a new version of Battletech, a turn-based tactical mech combat game, which reminds me a bit of the Front Mission games, which I absolutely adore.

The game was already funded after 53 minutes (250.000$), and is at the moment at 910.000$ with still 34 days to go. Eager to see how far this one goes.
Teho 14:50 30th September 2015
Oh, it's turnbased strategy? I only read headlines about this kickstarter and assumed it was another Mechwarrior game in all but name. (Mechwarrior is set in the Battletech universe, I'm pretty sure.) Never cared for those games so didn't look closer at the kickstarter. Obviously I was wrong, I'll be taking a look after all then.
Harrison 15:50 30th September 2015
That sounds interesting. I used to play the original Battletech table top game back in the 80's. If they follow that then it will be good.
Demon Cleaner 20:43 25th November 2015
Another World book - Welcome to Another World! - doesn't seem to get funded, although the book looks quite nice. Only hours left.
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