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Thread: More Kickstarters
Demon Cleaner 22:18 9th November 2014
Why would I buy a C64 SIDs album, when there's a HVSC?
Teho 04:31 10th November 2014
That Matt Gray album are remakes though. I already linked to the test remake he did to gauge interest in the previous post (on the phone so don't want to dig up that link again), listen to that to see if you're interested.

Actually it's reached a stretch-goal now where he will make a bonus disc with new SIDs inspired by the old games. He'll imagine there were more levels in some of them and make the songs for them for instance. They'll most likely end up in HVSC too of course.
Demon Cleaner 08:49 19th November 2014
Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, creators of Maniac Mansion and of the point & click adventure genre, have currently a kickstarter for their newest game Thimbleweed Park. The game looks exactly like Maniac Mansion at the time. The game reached now almost one third of its goal.

My favorite pledge is the 25$ one:

Originally Posted by :
"I pirated Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island when I was a kid and I feel bad!" This reward tier instantly absolves you of all guilt and includes the Thimbleweed Park game. All subsequent tiers also include guilt absolution.
Harrison 11:48 19th November 2014
Like it.
Teho 13:56 19th November 2014
Trying to shame me into backing, eh?

It worked.
Harrison 18:54 19th November 2014
Seen the new Kickstarter to fund a new British led mission to the Moon? Anyone pledging £50 will be able to send their own DNA (in the form of a strand of hair) on the mission, and bigger pledges will allow photos and even video clips to be sent.
Demon Cleaner 08:28 20th November 2014
Thimbleweed Park trailer:
Teho 09:30 21st February 2015
Remember From Bedrooms To Billions? It was that documentary focusing on the UK videogame industry that was funded on kickstarter a while back. It was released just before christmas and was quite good, and you can buy it digitally from that link in sevral editions from £10 to £30. Really recommend it. The only complaint I had when I watched it was that there was really not much C64 or Amiga material in it. C64 is understandable as the Spectrum was way more important for starting the UK game development scene. But why hardly mentioning the Amiga?

Turns out they had other plans. They are now going to make From Bedrooms To Billions: The Amiga Years which is a full 90-minute documentary focusing only on the Amiga, it's creation and what it meant for gaming. If this documentary is made to the same standard as the first one, it'll be absolutely fantastic. Here's a quote from the newsletter and a trailer:

"This 90 minute film will focus on the era for the video games industry that spanned the life of the Commodore Amiga. We will look at who built the machine and why, who were the standout developers and how the industry changed due to the incredible capabilities of the Amiga during its lifespan. There is so much to tell but we will keep it brief here, but what we can say is it will not be solely focused on the UK perspective, no doubt it will heavily feature the UK side, it is also important to understand that by the late 1980ís everyone really was becoming very aware of everyone else, so to tell the story of how the Amiga was created but importantly what it did for the video games industry we need to feature developers, musicians, Demo sceners, journalists, publishers etc from all over the world. While we do already have footage of interviewees talking about that era, it is our intention to shoot a whole new set of interviews and bring in a lot of other people, to tell real ly the definitive story of the Amiga and the outstanding development era that went on. it is our intention to run one single, short 30 day Kickstarter campaign starting in very early March, which if successful will allow us to film over spring and summer, then edit across the autumn and then release early 2016. We very much hope you will support us with this new project, if you do and we get funded we promise to put the same effort levels in and run the same sort of production along the way."

Will update with the link to the kickstarter once it goes live.
zapiy 16:07 21st February 2015
I suspect this will be footage they already have as the film they recently release skips most of the Amiga and ST era.
Teho 06:50 22nd February 2015
Yes, they say that they already have a lot of the footage but they intend to shoot some fresh interviews and bring in a bunch of people they hadn't spoken with originally.
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