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Thread: IMF
Tiago 13:35 3rd December 2012
Hi Phantom,
about that last sentence, about WWII, as i know (can be wrong), Germany did pay an amount of money for the WWII damage. Of course it was not the correct amount, no one can pay the loss of human lives.
But i guess Germans think that it was a long ago (1939-1945) and this generation don't have anything to do with their parents....
But i do a understand your point of view.

Portugal had a different role in WWII, as it was neutral. But still we did some not so honest stuff. We sell a lot of food for the Germans, also a lot of Tungsten. Germans payed us with Jewish gold. So we got a lot of gold that was not "legal". That was some strange times, back in early 40s,
we saw Nazis and allies in Lisbon and Estoril having a nice time together... It was common to see a Nazi and a British at the same table having a drink... the country was neutral so, there was no war here. But still a very strange situation...
Harrison 13:44 3rd December 2012
I totally agree. We can't hold the current Germany responsible for anything that happened over 60 years ago by a previous generation.
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