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Thread: The best Commodore 64 games?
Harrison 01:05 30th August 2012
If you had to recommend just 10 Commodore 64 games to someone to show them the best that the system had to offer, what would those games be? And why are they each so good?
Demon Cleaner 12:43 31st August 2012
Ok, would go straight away with some Andrew Braybrook games:

- Uridium (absolute fantastic but tough horizontal shooter)
- Paradroid (like the one on the Amiga, awesome game)
- Bruce Lee (having so many memories, this is a superb game. There's also a remake which includes different versions:
- Racing Destruction Set (great racing game with construction set, which lets you build ramps and stuff, has also a remake, although I didn't try that one yet:
- Impossible Mission (guess everyone knows that)
- Pirates (Sid Meier classic)
- Archon (a chess like battle game which I just loved, and still do, remakes existing)
- Turrican (just another old classic)
- Summer/Winter Games (no need to explain)
- Boulderdash (so easy and so addictive)

One of my personal favorites was also Enigma Force, once you got the hang off it, you couldn't stop. I finished the game almost once a day And of course, there's many many more...
Harrison 12:55 31st August 2012
Nice list. I noticed most of the games in the list saw updates or sequels on the Amiga. Which would you say are better versions? The C64 originals or the Amiga updates?
Demon Cleaner 16:54 31st August 2012
I think they're even better on the Amiga, as the gameplay stayed the same, but with upgraded graphics. It's difficult to find C64 only games that didn't see a remake on the Amiga.
Ghost 23:27 31st August 2012
While I have only played a handful of C64 games at a friend's place (I never owned one myself) I do remember a few games that were well received or which I enjoyed.

Arnie (sort of Commando 'clone' in pseudo 3D)
Project Firestart (own this game still in wrap actually)
flimbo 01:20 3rd November 2015
CJ Elephant Antics, Flimbos Quest, Citadel, Treasure island dizzy, Bomb jack, Chase HQ