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Thread: Wings Remake
QuikGBR 17:45 22nd August 2012

Check out this remake looks class but needs support
Harrison 11:07 24th August 2012
I saw this project some time ago and it would be amazing to see a proper update to Wings. Although it has already been done on the GBA some years ago and that was a nice port, although due to system spec obviously closer to the Amiga original.

Looking at the donation pledges to date it isn't looking very good for the target to be reached. They have so far only raised $34K out of the $350K goal so a very long way to go to hit the target by the closing date of the 11th September.

Would be great if it happens though.

Shame they are not looking to target the Xbox Live and PSN networks as downloadable games... I think that would really interest a lot of people. Especially if the PSN version was also compatible with Vita/PSP.
Submeg 01:39 1st October 2012
So what happens now? I REALLY want to play an updated version of this. It would be fantastic!
Harrison 02:34 1st October 2012
Now they have raised the money we have to wait for the developers to finish the game and release it. Now release schedules have been stated yet.
Submeg 05:39 11th October 2012
Sweet! I was watching something the other day on WWI air warfare, made me think of this!