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Thread: Biggest maps on RPGs
Tiago 15:50 22nd August 2012

(hope this is the only post about it...)

what is the biggest map that you ever played? RPG only! I am talking about map you can walk into.
Forget airplane games, travelling miles and miles, and forget also car games, where you can drive.
I am talking about the traditional walking character.

I like big games with a lot of palces to discover.
Many games have big maps, but tend to repeat the scenery.

So far, i found that Ultima 8 was big,
but "Divine Divinity" was huge !! I loved the game, so many places to discover. Very nice. And the scenery
was not repetitive. The undergrounds were a bit, maybe, but the upper world was not. Brilliant game with a huge map.
Harrison 13:41 24th August 2012
Quite a few RPGs contain huge world maps to explore.

As you mentioned, "Divine Divinity" is huge. The Buldar's Gate series had nice large worlds to explore too... as do most of the games that use a similar graphical style to these.

The Elderscroll games are all pretty large too. Skyrim's map is 37.1 km˛ (14.3 square miles), which is quite large to travel across, even on a house. However that does include many areas you can't actually reach due to mountains and other invisible barriers blocking your way. Still, it is a large world to explore. However I read that the actual explorable world is roughly the same size (tile wise) as Morrowind, Oblivion and also Fallout 3).

The largest maps I know of in an RPG can be found the earlier Elderscroll games. Daggerfall's map is about a thousand times larger than Skyrim's, but it doesn't quite count because the landscape is procedurally generated so a lot of repetition is seen. And the first game in the series, Arena, might even be larger. Still, that is one massive game world that I don't think any gamer would ever manage to explore 100%.

And if you count MMOs then some of them have quite large gaming worlds/maps. Guildwars, when you include the expansions has a massive world map, but it is a bit broken up into sections by its hub based town structure and main missions to progress to each new part of the map. And if you included worlds, then Star Wars The Old Republic does pretty well at map size because each world is pretty large and fully explorable. Although with all the world maps combined I doubt it would be as large as something like Divine Divinity, Buldar's Gate or Skyrim's maps.