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Thread: Tapatalk and Forum Runner support!
Harrison 10:46 16th August 2012
I'm pleased to announce that we now support the mobile forum apps Tapatalk and Forum Runner.

These are mobile apps built specifically for forum Access. Unlike using a mobile template provided by the forum itself and loaded into your mobile devices browser, these apps use a univied interface to make it very easy to navigate and use a forum on a mobile device. You can also access all supporting forums through a single app, rather than needing separate ones for every forum you visit.

The Apps support the following devices:

Forum Runner supports Android, iPhone and iPad.

supports Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Chrome.

They are both paid apps but are under 2 each to purchase from the device's app store. And once purchased you can browse all supporting forums from the same app, so it is a one time purchase.

Once you have downloaded your preferred app just search for classicamiga in the app to find us.

Have fun.
Tiago 15:00 16th August 2012
Cool, i am writing in tapatalk, good application!

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Harrison 15:03 16th August 2012
You will also find that Amibay supports Tapatalk, so you can add that to the app as well.
Tiago 15:14 16th August 2012
Done !

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Teho 18:17 16th August 2012
Nice one! I asked for Forum Runner support a while ago, but that was before Tapatalk 2 came out. As of now, Tapatalk is the way better app and I suggest going with that if you don't know which to choose.

I wonder, do we mods still have some basic mod options in Tapatalk? Can we for example still see unapproved posts and approve them or do we still need to go to the forum itself for that? Apart from the odd spammer, approving a post caught by the spam filter every now and then is after all just about everything we need to do here these days. Almost wish someone would stir up some trouble.
Harrison 18:21 16th August 2012
You do have moderation tools in Tapatalk. Just select a post and you will get a menu come up with some options.

I agree that Tapatalk is the better App, but Forum Runner is now directly supported within the core of vBulletin, which is why I activated both. Gives people more choice, especially if they already have it installed.