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Thread: Game deals
Harrison 15:56 26th July 2012
Post here whenever you see a great PC gaming deal available.
Harrison 16:00 26th July 2012
Left4dead 1 and 2 currently 75% off on Steam.

They are also selling them as a combined Bundle for 5.74, which is a real bargain for loads of co-op Zombie killing action.

And if anyone is feeling like getting friends involved there is also a 4 pack available, so you can then hand out licenses to 3 of your friends for some 4 player co-op gaming.

X Superbox

But even better at the moment is the X Superbox. This contains every game and expansion in the X series for just 9.99. So if you like your space trading and combat here is the chance to buy one of the greatest series in one bundle.

And although I do already own most of the games in this series separately I decided to grab this so I have them all ready to go in Steam, with patches etc more easily available.
Harrison 00:29 3rd August 2012
This weekend Steam have some great game boxsets on offer, well worth grabbing, even if you already own a couple of the games in them.

But first we have Skyrim, 50% off, so if you don't own it yet here is a great chance to get hold of a copy.

Next we have the Elder Scrolls Collection. This is only a daily deal so you need to grab it before Friday evening. This includes Morrowind II and IV GOTY editions that included the main expansion packs with each. Plus you also get Skyrim and its new expansion, Dawnguard. All of this bundle for just 40.98

However, the best deal is the following one.

Quakecon Pack. 76% off at 69.99, instead of 294.59. This pack includes a lot of content. Including Doom, Doom 2, Doom 3.. Doom expansion packs for each, Fallout 3 GOTY, Fallout New Vegas plus expansions, Heretic, HeXen series, Hunted, Quake I, II, III, IV.. plus expansions, Rage, Rogue Warrior, Spear of Destiny, Elder scrolls III GOTY, Elder Scrolls IV GOTY, Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, Wolfenstein 3D, Return to Castle Wolfenstein... and the list goes on.
Tiago 10:04 3rd August 2012
I found Divinie Divinity at 4,99 in Steam and it is a game in 100 top list of pc gamer....
Harrison 13:54 4th August 2012
It is a great game, and even better at that price.

Also worth noting is that many of the recent big MMORPGs are now free to play on Steam.

Dungeons and Dragons Online
The Lord of the Rings Online
Star Trek Online
Age of Empires Online

And loads more. 20 free to play MMO's in total on there. Most using a micro payment method whereby you play the main game for free, but can buy extras like equipment and side quests for small payments.
Harrison 13:41 30th August 2012
GamersGate have Supreme Commander 75% off this week.

You can get the Gold Edition, including the original game plus the expansion pack for just 3.75. bargain!
Harrison 14:41 30th August 2012
Steam have a nice "Best of British" indie Bundle now available. For 7.99 you get 6 games including the very good "Gratuitous Space Battles" and DEFCON.
Harrison 01:29 26th September 2012
Humble Bundle 6 has been released. It contains some great Indie games and is well worth donating to get them.
Harrison 01:21 29th September 2012
The site has a great deal.

Pick any 2 of the games on the page and get them both for just 10. Some good games to choose from too.

I've grabbed some myself and the Steam activation serial codes arrive my email instantly upon purchase via Paypal.
Harrison 01:33 29th September 2012
Total War weekend special offer on Steam until 1st October.

Most games are at least 25% off, but there are 2 bundles that get you much more:

Total War Master Collection
- 24.98 - includes:

Medieval II: Total War
Rome: Total War - Gold
Empire: Total War
Napoleon: Total War
Total War Battles: Shogun
Total War: Shogun 2
Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samuri

So ever main game in the series other than the original Medieval and Shogun games, that are not needed as the sequels are included. Well worth buying at this price. Just be warned that HDD space requirement is over 130GB for them all together, meaning this is also the download size. Ouch!

Total War Mega Pack - 26.24

This includes the following, so doesn't include the newest Shogun 2 games.

Medieval II: Total War
Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms
Rome: Total War - Gold
Rome: Total War - Alexander
Empire: Total War + All DLC
Napoleon: Total War + All DLC

Not quite as much of a bargain as the Master Collection. However you do get all of the expansions and DLC extras for each game, which you don't get any of with the Master Collection, just the main games. So which to buy depends if you want the Shogun games, and you will safe the most buying that bundle, but you will then need to buy the expansions and DLC separately. However all Total War Expansions and DLC are also reduced this weekend.
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