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Thread: Game deals
Shoonay 10:15 4th September 2013
Zeno Clash free and Zeno Clash II -33% coupon (valid until Tue Mar 04 2014), both for Steam.

(the servers are a bit overloaded, so try and try again )
Harrison 22:49 11th September 2013
The latest Humble Bundle 9 is out.

Some great games included again this time:

Trine 2
Mark of the Ninja
Eets Munchies
Brutal Legend
FTL: Faster than Light

Plus some more games are going to be unlocked further into the bundle's time.

You can get everything currently for $4.42 or more. Any of these games are worth that money alone, let alone together. Trine 2 is brilliant, as is Mark of the Ninja.

I just grabbed it myself for FEZ and FTL as there were the only 2 I still didn't own, and I nearly purchased FEZ at the weekend for 3.99 on it's own in a Steam sale, but put it off.. I'm now glad I did.
Harrison 09:25 1st November 2013
This week's Humble Bundle is a Team 17 one. Lots of Worms, Alien breed trilogy and Superfrog HE. Well worth getting.

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Shoonay 19:35 5th November 2013
Warner Bros Humble Bundle:

Originally Posted by :
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1. Bruce Wayne

Also, apparently Humble Bundle allows gifting game codes you already own now:

Harrison 22:26 5th November 2013
That's interesting... Especially considering how the altered the Steam activation system for Humble Bundle recently. Before you just received a S/N for each game and activated it by copy/paste into Steam. Now you have to link your Steam account to your Humble Bundle account and clicking next to a game automatically activates it in your Steam account, which is much easier. I was sure they implemented that to prevent people giving away or selling individual keys as the new system hides the actual s/n.

Regarding the WB bundle. Very nice. Sadly I already own them all!

It's also really annoying because I only recently purchased those 2 Batman games on Steam for slightly more than the total bundle cost to get them both in Steam (already owned the retail copies of both but they refused to activate in Steam and needed GFWL, whereas the latest Steam versions don't use that now).
Harrison 12:26 7th October 2017
The current Stardock Humble Bundle is really nice for anyone interested in Sci-Fi and Space Strategy games. Some of the games included haven't been out that long and are still over 20 on Steam. Plus you get DLC extras too. Well worth it.
Harrison 01:02 27th March 2018
The Darkness II FREE!

It's free on Humble bundle at the moment for the next day.

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Kin Hell 17:10 28th March 2018
Don't you just H8 shite like that...forever looping round with no easy-see direction to the Game Key link....

Thx for the link H BUT so Console-esque
Harrison 23:03 28th March 2018
What was the problem? Never had an issue with Humble Bundle. Can be a bit cryptic trying to find your game key the first time if you haven't ever used the site before.

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Kin Hell 10:29 30th March 2018
It was very cryptic for my first time. I felt such a noob!

- - - Updated - - -

Part of their Frontier Weekend......

55% off Elite Dangerous via Steam at the mo.....

Makes it 8.99 here in the UK
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