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Thread: Game deals
Harrison 13:34 5th January 2013
Originally Posted by Kin Hell:

Likewise for the Crysis Collection on Steam for 9.99.... Crazy!

....only about 45hrs GMT left at time of post.
And now Crysis collection is 6.24!!!

you can also pick up Rage for just 3.24. Really nice game and well worth it at this price.
Harrison 22:01 5th January 2013
Steam now has an Encore Sale, featuring the 24 most popular best deals from the holiday sale.

There are some amazing deals included such as:

Batman Arkham City - 4.99
Batman Arkham Asylum - 2.49
The Walking Dead - 10.49 (must buy series)
Dishonoured- 14.99
Natural Selection - 7.59
Dead Island - 6.79
Civilization V - 4.99
Civilizaton IV Complete Edition - 3.74
Torchlight 2 - 7.49
Dark Souls - 14.99
Portal Franchise - 4.49
Arma II - 12.49
Anno 2070 - 11.99
Saints Row The Third - 6.24
Darksiders Franchise Pack - 11.89
XCOM Enemy Unknown - 20.99
Borderlands 2 - 14.99
Football Manager 2013 - 14.99
Hitman Absolution - 14.99

And many more.
Kin Hell 12:00 6th January 2013
Originally Posted by Harrison:
Originally Posted by Kin Hell:

Likewise for the Crysis Collection on Steam for 9.99.... Crazy!

....only about 45hrs GMT left at time of post.
And now Crysis collection is 6.24!!!

you can also pick up Rage for just 3.24. Really nice game and well worth it at this price.
6.24 is for Crysis 2 Maximum Edition. - Crysis, Crysis Warhead, & Crysis 2 Maximum Edition is still 9.99
Harrison 18:53 6th January 2013
It was definitely the whole collection, but only for a 12 hour flash sale. Still a great deal for 9.99 though, as are all the other remaining deals.

I did get a bit carried away during these Christmas Steam sales, as well as at other sites like GetGamesGo and GamersGate that sell Steam games. Whole series for under 10 is hard to resist, and some were just a couple of pounds. My account now has over 400 games and I've no ldea when I will ever play them all.

I even grabbed Civilization III for 87p, even though I owned the original game (but not the expansions) on CD, and also already own the later IV and V. III was a very different game, like the earlier Sim Cities. A bit more isomeric and functional, rather than the graphical polish of the more recent ones, but great to play.
Harrison 17:49 16th February 2013
Lots of game deals around at the moment to celebrate Valentine's Day week.

GetGamesGo has another Get Loaded Weekend:

My Bloody Valentine Weekend deal. Any 2 games for 8, or all of them for 38.

Games included in this deal are:

Hotline Miani
Borderlands GOTY
Painkiller Hell and Damnation
Alan Wake's American Nightmare
Mafia II
Super Meat Boy
Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit

Quite a few really nice games included. Well worth it if you don't have them yet. also has a lot of other special offers this weekend.

Firstly an RPG discount weekend -

Some very nice games included in this one, including:

Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Divinity 2: Dragon Knight
Dungeion Siege
Endless Space
Or Orcs and Men
Two Worlds
Heroes of Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes
Game of Thrones

Finally they have a Kalypso Sale,

Including the games:

Tropico 4
Port Royale 3
Sine Mora (a great old school J style shoot em' up)
Pole Position 2012. (F1 management sim)
Harrison 17:56 16th February 2013
GamersGate have a Civilization weekend.

All of the games in the series at really nice prices.
Harrison 19:08 4th August 2013
Fifa 13 available for just 9.99 at the moment.

They also have Guild Wars for 19.99, which is about half the current direct price.
Harrison 13:20 8th August 2013
Another new site I've just discovered:

This is another Indie bundle site, with proceeds split between charity, the games developers and the site.

There latest Bundle 10 is well worth buying. For just 3.91 you get a lot of games for your money, including some such as Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers, which was only released at the end of last year and still retails on Steam for 22. So a bargain!
Harrison 01:47 15th August 2013
Humble Bundle has an Origin bundle on offer at the moment. For less than 5 you can buy a lot of really good games that are all worth more than the asking price each.


Dead Space
Dead Space 3
Burnout Paradise The Ultimate Box
Crysis 2
Mirror's Edge
Medal of Honor
Battlefield 3
The Sims 3

Showing how popular this bundle is, they have already received over $2.2 Million!!! Nice.
Harrison 00:59 29th August 2013
Indie Gala has a few nice bundles at the moment. All donation bundles starting at $0.99 and only costing around $4 to obtain everything in each bundle. Well worth it.

Theatre of War bundle:

This is the current main one on office, containing all 3 games in the Theatre of War series, plus all of the second game's expansions. All for $4.70 if you want them all.

The Magic 10 Bundle:

Some nice games included here.

The Tropico Bundle:

Including the 1st, 3rd and 4th games in the series.

The Patrician Bundle:

As well as Patrician IV and Patricians and Merchants, this bundle also gives you Darkstar One and The Great Art Race.

The Dungeons Bundle:

Containing Dungeons: The Dark Load and Dungeons: steam Special Edition.

The Sacred Disciples Bundle:

This contains Sacred Gold, as well as Disciples II: Gallean's Return and Disciples II: Rise of the Elves.
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