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Thread: Game deals
Harrison 13:51 12th October 2012
Good Old Games ( are offering the Divinity Anthology as a "Pay what you want" package until the 18th October.

You can pay whatever you want for the Divinity Anthology, but you have to pay at least $13.03 to get all 3 games in the series. You can pay whatever you want for the original Divine Divinity, but you will need to pay over $6.47 to also get the sequel Beyond Divinity, and you must pay at leasr $13.03 to get all 3 games including Divinity II.

Divinity II is also a very special Developer's Cut which includes both the original and expansion packs, but also has built in a load of extra features as it is the version the developers used when testing the game, so you can access any area, weapon, turn yourself into an creature in the game. you can basically play around with the game however you want.
Harrison 14:32 12th October 2012
Games Workshop Blood Bowl Chaos Edition for £14.48

Steam are running a weekend special offering discounts on most "Focus Home Interactive" games, some up to 75% off.

This includes Games Workshop Blood Bowl legendary Edition, but doesn't include the newly released (this week) Blood Bowl Chaos Edition. There is however a way to still buy the new Chaos Edition with a 28% discount...

If you buy Blood Bowl legendary Edition with a 50% discount for £7.49, once purchased if you look at the game's store page you will see you are then offered the ability to upgrade to the new Chaos Edition with a 65% discount, costing £6.99.

So you can get the new Chaos Edition for a total price of £14.48, rather than the RRP of £19.99.
Harrison 15:01 19th October 2012
Good Old Games as the interplay Complete Catalog on offer for the next 2 weeks. It's another pay what you want deal, gaining more games for the more you pay. Pay $34.99 or more and receive the full 32 games on offer. Very nice deal.

The collections title is a bit misleading as Interplay released a lot of very big games over the years and many are not included here, so I'm thinking only the games already being hosted by GOG were included. Still, its a nice retro bundle from a great developer.
Harrison 01:48 31st October 2012
A free copy of Plants vs Zombies.

You can grab a free copy of this great game over the next week. The offer was advertise prior to its redemption period on various international sites, however not the redemption period has arrived the site states it is only open to US citizens. But fear not, there is an easy way around this using a Proxy server.

Here’s what you need to do:
Go to the site by using this proxy site: – use this link from the proxy
Give them your e-mail and use this code to get the game: PEAH8R
You will receive a link to the installer and your personal code to activate the game.
The code you receive is NOT compatible with Steam.

Harrison 00:21 30th November 2012
Humble THQ Bundle has just gone live. A very nice Humble Bundle containing the following titles:

There are some amazing games in that list, and you only need to pay over $5.62 at the moment to secure them all. They are redeemable/unlockable on Steam for download.

Annoyingly I already owned the top 3 in that list, plus the first Darksiders on PS3, but I grabbed the bundle anyway at this price to get the CoH games and Darksiders on the PC. Doesn't look like you can redeem the titles individually (other than Saints Row), so serials can't be given to friends. But at this price why bother, everyone should go and grab this.
Harrison 16:33 30th November 2012
GetGames has another Get Loaded 72 hours.

This time it's a Sega themed collection. Buy any 2 of the 6 games for £10.

Games included are:

Some very nice games in this offer.
Harrison 16:36 14th December 2012
Another GetGames Get Loaded 72 hours.

Some very nice titles in the lineup this time, and even better news is they are 2 for £6 this time!

We’ve gone round singing carols outside many an office, and gotten numerous publishers stupidly drunk at Christmas parties to get these games for the price of £6 / €8 / $10. Check out the full list of games:

Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY
Napoleon Total War
Mafia 2
Borderlands GOTY
Duke Nukem Forever
Alpha Protocol
Deus Ex: HR
Civ IV Complete
Empire Total War
Harrison 15:41 4th January 2013
Steam currently has Legend of Grimrock on offer in their daily flash sales for just £2.99, so if you still haven't grabbed it today is a great time to do so.
Kin Hell 21:07 4th January 2013

Likewise for the Crysis Collection on Steam for £9.99.... Crazy!

....only about 45hrs GMT left at time of post.
Harrison 23:36 4th January 2013
There have been loads of deals like this over Christmas on there. Some of the daily deals have been really good.

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