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Thread: free c64 and amiga bits
StuKeith 13:10 3rd July 2012
Hi cut to the point I have been made homeless and am losing my storage I have til this weekend to move rveything out.
I have 1000s of floppies a few 1200s 500s mice discs CDs 100s mags c64 c16 and more u can have what ever u find for free. If it don't go they going to destroy it and I rarer see it go to a collector. Im Southampton Hampshire.

O 7 8 7 8 9 2 o 3 4 7 call me.

Posted from phone as no pc or net

Harrison 14:20 3rd July 2012
What? Homeless? That doesn't sound good mate. I hope you have somewhere to go?

I could take some of the Amiga stuff from you, and would be willing to store some things for you if you needed, until you get back on your feet. Or sell on your behalf if you need the money.
StuKeith 15:02 3rd July 2012
Yea no where go no money has been jobless last 4 months just started job but no pay till august. Be car a sofas until HSBC money
Demon Cleaner 16:50 3rd July 2012
You have no place to go to?
Tiago 17:23 3rd July 2012
What happend Stu ?
StuKeith 20:05 3rd July 2012
Basicly wife had affair last year in september, we were living with her mum, I was paying her rent. When I lost my job in march (digital switch over complete) I couldnt pay her rent so she chucked me out, I found a gf and had to stay with her, even though I was scared of her and didnt want be with her! She was evicted for being behind in rent and and she left. I moved back in and squatted as I thought I would get at least 6m and then save up enough money to move. Unfortunatly that didnt work and the same court order applied to me, I got 1 weeks notice. But started a job last week so couldnt appeal it. The bailifs turned up today and im now homeless. I cant afford to rent anywhere and it be at least 1 or two months until I can save enough money. I cant rent privatly as cant pass credit checks and afford the fees. and the council have told me im not classed as homeless emergency. My mother in law rented a garage as well and said I can use it to store stuff. So I spent the last few days moving all my stuff from the 3 bedroom house into the garage, but when I got to the garage Sat, there was an eviction notice on the garage, given me until this friday to remove all of my items. I now got till monday to move. so if anyone wants some bits. got old pc parts tv areials, books, Atari stuff loadsa gear.
Harrison 00:49 4th July 2012
So sorry to hear this.. makes my house being flooded seem a small thing compared to this. Who served the eviction notice on the garage? Your Mother-in-law?

Could you afford enough to rent some storage for your stuff until back on your feet? Think some storage places charge as little as 10 a week for 19 foot storage locker.

Really hope you can sort something out and stay safe. Sorry I can't offer any help in finding you somewhere. If I were not currently moved out of my own house I could have tried to help you.
Andrew1971 04:55 4th July 2012
Hi Stu
Sorry to hear about you situation bloody awfull going on you are having. My bad luck run is nothing compared to yours.
Any way all i can offer is some storage for you if you could get a car load of stuff you wanted to keep still room in my attic.
For as long as you wanted or needed.
Many Thanks
Kin Hell 06:26 4th July 2012
grim to say the least.
StuKeith 11:48 4th July 2012
It was the same agency as the house. Turns out she stopped paying rent on garage as well as the house. I got a 60ft unit yesterday just need to most impirabt stuff to move
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