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Thread: free c64 and amiga bits
Andrew1971 12:37 4th July 2012
Good to know you now have storage now you dont have to get rid of your retro stuff.
Hope you get some where to live soon.
Many Thanks
StuKeith 20:09 4th July 2012
Not sure if will jkeep it all. Need to see how much space I have.
Work not happy been off 2 days a week into job. So may lose that.
Harrison 01:43 5th July 2012
Have you explained to them your situation and trying to find somewhere to live? Most employers would be sympathetic to such circumstances from my experience, although I suppose a smaller employer might not be so lenient as they would be suffering more from a staff member being absent.
rkauer 04:52 5th July 2012
You have my sympathy, as I can't help you further. If this happens in my own country I'll surely have a place for you until you back on your feet.
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