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Thread: currently offline
ChrisUnionNJ 03:18 22nd June 2012
Originally Posted by Harrison:
You had to sign up again? Did you have an old account? If so let me know the username and I can merge the accounts.

Regarding Amibay updates. Server migration is still in progress, so no news yet.
I had to do the same thing Dave I could log into the home page but when I went to post
it said I had to register again and did not like my Gmail so I used my verizon one and then it
let me post..

And glad to here the Server migration is going well...

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Originally Posted by rkauer:
Welcome to me, too.

Finally gave up and joined this forum.
Welcome Rogério

merlinkv 03:43 22nd June 2012

Nice to see all AmiFriends here....

Life is hard without Amibay, right?

But I'm sure it comes back more powerfull than ever
Amineo 04:38 22nd June 2012
Hey guys! This makes Amiga forum number 3!

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So anyways, this is where everyone's hiding, huh. Seems like another nice Amiga related site
Shambles1980 05:12 22nd June 2012
its only a temp home for me unfortunatly..
im up to my forum limit. 3 forums is more than i can keep up with daily.
i tried to tell my phone to let me know when something needed checking, but it seems to tell me about 2-3 hours after i have already found out my self.

So Sorry for using the forum like a cheap date. but i guess im just a bad guy
protek 05:36 22nd June 2012
Hello, chums!

Had to sign up because I missed you so much.
Stephen Coates 05:45 22nd June 2012
Wow, so many new CA members in the space of a day!
skilgannon 12:14 22nd June 2012
I think the Amibay upgrade issue was just a clever ploy to get us all over here It worked hehe

Kin Hell 12:28 22nd June 2012

A cunning plan indeed.

Nice to see you some more rkauer. Hope you're still bashing thos infernal Atari's when you can.

@ Harrison

Yeah, Java is enabled, but it appears ChrisUnion has the same issue.
Tiago 12:31 22nd June 2012
welcome to everyone !!
Phantom 13:28 22nd June 2012
Well. It seems that AmiBay is back online again. Just use and not just
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