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Thread: Euro 2012
Tiago 23:29 17th June 2012
Hi, we didn't had a Euro 2012 post yet. (or did we?)

What you think so far?
Portugal wins to Holland 2-1. Ronaldo scores 2 goals, finally, we are in the next stage.
What happend to Holland??? 3 games, 0 points ? i was not expecting this.

What about you UK friends? England vs Ukraine? It will not be easy...
Harrison 00:51 18th June 2012
I'm not a Football fan at all... I don't support or watch any club games, however I do catch the odd international game when it is England playing. I watched the second half of their last game, and it was a great come back. From what I hear the first half was a bit rubbish.

You have to feel sorry for Poland being knocked out as the host nation. (maybe if their best players hadn't been in the UK landscaping gardens and washing cars... ).
Andrew1971 06:19 18th June 2012
Hi All
Me and Beverley dont like any sport of any kind. We find very annoying when tv programs we like get knocked of for sport + more sport why so much of it
Give you one guess what we wont be doing this year
Many Thanks
Harrison 11:43 18th June 2012
The opening ceremony isn't sport. You could watch that.
Kin Hell 11:16 19th June 2012
The problem with Football thesedays is they are paid stupid amounts of money to walk around a field they should be sprinting around.

England played well against Sweden in the second half, after sitting on their arses after scoring in the first half. So much so, Sweden had the equaliser inside 3 mins of the 2nd half & then took the lead. Englands 2nd goal was a suprise to the whole team, let alone the fella that scored it. Sweden's keeper couldn't see the ball until it was too late & looked a proper pleb as the ball sailed past him. Then again, if an International player can't score from that distance, why is he on the squad? Englands 3rd and winning goal might have appeared cheeky, but that was definitely played for in every instance. It was not a fluke.

It's the best game of football I have seen England play for some time, but they need to drop the attitude they took on after scoring the first goal & dragging it to half time. Any team 1 down at the interval always should come out fighting, though I thought the attitude of the Swedish attackers after the equaliser was that akin to some yobs having a kick around on a local park. Not professional at all.

With Rooney in place tonight, who knows? They played well without him for the last game so he has an awful lot to live up to for tonight. I'm not holding my breath.....
Kin Hell 20:40 19th June 2012
Ah well; - There goes the first half in a really pathetic manner, but that akin to Englands usual pathetic performance.

WTF with Rooney?? - He's off the squad for how many matches; Do well in their last game without the tw4t; Then play the first half of this bullsh!t game aiming everything at him....

F'ks sake @ this bullsh!t & if we draw, it'll be a scrape through as per effin usual. That d!ck should be playing for Division 4 & the manager needs coaching in the changing rooms right now. Take Rooney off & play like the last game lads. - Grrrr & FFS!!

I've been a supporter of Man Utd since 1967, but for crying out f'kin loud..... - It's a team game...NOT a one man f'kin game.....

We deserve to loose; akin to that of Poland raping our jobs & screwing our economy for the last 10 years. - I guess you only reap whatever you sow....

/.....rant over & another JD for the rest of the cr4p.... the pain.....

So after the pain of the first half....

2 failed-Ref penalties for England; Jerrard kicked a goal out of the net: Rooney gest's subbed (He should have been on the bench for missing 3 games) & we limp through with a cr4p win. (we need f'kin camera replays ffs with this kind of money involved)

Eng-er-land...f'k off ...ur taking the pi$$....

FIFA; - More bent than a 9 bob note. - Dunno wtf I wind myself up for.....

/....pours another JD & turns an Amiga 1200 on.....
Andrew1971 06:09 20th June 2012
Arrrggghhh running sports commentry
Kin Hell 08:27 20th June 2012
Not really Andy. Didn't enjoy the game watching England play like they did last night. Ukraine were far more exciting to watch than our squad, that's for sure.
Demon Cleaner 12:25 21st June 2012
I'm for Italy, obviously, and so far we played quite well, more offensive, that's what we really needed. And no game lost yet, which is also very good. Now we're gonna play against England, have to see how that goes, I think that England is not the best team at the moment, and that they are beatable.
Kin Hell 13:47 21st June 2012
@ DC

The game will either be a cliff hanger or a white wash in Italy's favour. Gone are the days where England were a force to be reckoned with. Most England matches are nail bite-ers to say the least.
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