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Thread: Euro 2012
Harrison 23:37 21st June 2012
Better looking that the thug we have on our team too!
Kin Hell 23:43 21st June 2012
Originally Posted by Phantom:
THE ultimate babe.

Antonis..... We need to talk m8y....

Originally Posted by Tiago:
Portugal 1 - 0 Czech Republic
We are on semi-finals !!!!
Ronaldo did it again, i know a lot of you guys, just hate him, but.... he is good. Not saying he is the best, but i can say he is a top player !!

Yeah. ....Also a top Earing poser
Harrison 23:56 21st June 2012
What is the current obsession with sports guys getting ear rings? Lewis Hamilton anyone.

And for that matter why have male ear rings suddenly come back into fashion? It was a fad in the 80's, and anyone with just an ear ring in the left ear were laughed as because it was meant to indicate you were gay!
Kin Hell 00:04 22nd June 2012
@ H

I recall Heavy Rock followers having just the left ear pierced. Not so sure so big greasy Joe would have liked that comment & back then when we were all sporting pierced left ears, I recall another Gay thing being denoted by which side your Key ring was attached to your jeans. There are loads of ideas here:

Left was cool. Right was Gay.
Harrison 00:21 22nd June 2012
Hmm... been so long since we used to perform playground mockery its hard to remember which side was what. Where I went to school we mocked anyone with an ear ring on either side as it wasn't cool to have any as a bloke. Generally they got beaten up and no ear ring was cool.

I still think ear rings on guys looks odd... and I won't start on what I think of body piercings. But at the end of the day each to their own. What you do to your own body is your own business as long as its no having an adverse effect on anyone else.
Tiago 10:30 22nd June 2012
Originally Posted by :
Yeah. ....Also a top Earing poser
oh yes, did you notice that he has a hair look in the first 45 minutes and a different hair look in the 2nd half ???
but i didn't see the ear ring so much as before, he was a complete kid, an a bit idiot to.... now he is growing up (a bit)
He talks differently, much more for the team and less for himself, more 20 years and he could be a fine person..... LOL
But he is good, playing football, that's what count.... at least for us
Kin Hell 12:30 22nd June 2012

For sure.
Tiago 08:59 28th June 2012
It's over for us.... Portugal is out. F*** !!! 0-0 after 120 minutes.... that fuc**** tactic of spain the small pass, boring and.... f****
not again...
I hate Penalties...

And now... i am for Italy.
Phantom 12:11 28th June 2012
LOL. I'm with Italy tonight too.
Demon Cleaner 12:31 28th June 2012
Glad to hear guys, hopefully we will do better than Portugal, and wipe these stupid Germans.
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