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Thread: Music On The Amiga
Andrew1971 17:17 11th June 2012
Hi All
I got a little curious today to find out if it can be done music on the Amiga (Google is my friend) and found out it cam be done very simply. Iam am using format factory to do it just convert an MP3 to wav. The setting i use are medium for A1200 + A600. The highest setting will give some crackling sound.Hippo player will play them.
Dont expect your Amiga to do much else it will stutter when you do. They can be played of CF in pcmcia slot. And of the HDD the HDD light flashes quite fast.
Both Amiga's only have 2mb memory + internel HDD. Hmm amiga music center. Forgot to say the file's are quite big + no compression.
Many Thanks
rkauer 01:43 22nd June 2012
Wave archives are really near IFF files in shape and form (just change the internal header descriptor, IIRC) and that's it.

Native support for your .wav files.

Bare-bones machines will play those uncompressed files with no sweat, then.