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Thread: MindCandy Vol. 2: Amiga Demos - Free Download now available!
Harrison 10:05 8th June 2012
"MindCandy Vol. 2: Amiga Demos" sold out + available for free download

Some great news, you can now download the DVD for free!

The DVD is sold out forever at last, and is now officially available for free download:

The same will happen to "MindCandy 1: PC Demos" once the final pressed copies are sold out.
To get one of the last 5 official copies of the DVD go to:

Also available: Game Console Concert Music CDs

"Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo" on Double-CD, details at
From game console into big concert hall, concert recording of Tokyo 2012:
* Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross
* Double-CD: more than 80 minutes total playing time *** incl. extended encore ***
* improved since 2009 in arrangement, performance, recording and mixing

The CD will *not* be available at the concerts organized by the WDR in Cologne (July), sorry.
Teho 15:07 8th June 2012
Bought this DVD waaay back when it came out and highly recommend it. The demos look great on it even though the playback rate is only 24Hz. The producers of it did an excellent job of converting the 60Hz raw video to the 24Hz standard by interlacing frames in a certain way, and it works brilliantly. Can't tell that the demo isn't running in its original framerate. Also there's extras such as commentaries from the demomakers providing some interesting tidbits about their creation. Worth listening to. This thing was worth paying for, so now that its free there's no reason to not get it.
Harrison 15:51 8th June 2012
You can also download both the PAL and NTSC versions, so the NTSC one will be running at 30fps, which might be preferred to get a truer framerate. Although at the expense of screen resolution and colour accuracy.