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Thread: Raspberry Pi
Tiago 17:21 14th August 2012
i have a Raspberry pi n my hands !
I will have it for 1 or 2 weeks to see how it works.

I was able to install a Debian based linux that worked fine. Today i will try a media center and AROS...
Anyone has one?
Stephen Coates 18:09 14th August 2012

I got mine a few weeks back, and got it working nicely. I haven't done much with it though as I've been working on some other projects at the moment.
Stephen Coates 23:27 22nd November 2012
They ported RISCOS to the Raspberry Pi recently. I tried it on mine and it worked nicely. Certainly much quicker than Linux.

Seems to be a nice OS. Unfortunately I'd never used it before due to the commercial nature of it and my lack of a suitable computer to run it on.
Harrison 11:11 25th November 2012
I loved RiscOS on the Arch back when the platform was first released in the late 80's. Not used more recent versions, but it was quite advanced for its time... many features even ahead of the Amiga. Does the ported version still support BBC basic?
Stephen Coates 13:43 25th November 2012
yep, it has BBC Basic.

It comes with some nice PDF books about programming it. I might work through some of those.
Harrison 23:46 25th November 2012
BBC Basic is the best language for anyone to learn. It contains everything needed to give anyone a full grounding and understanding of coding. Well worth it.
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