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Thread: A4000 - coming back to life
Tiago 13:47 20th March 2012
This saturday, i take my A4000 from home and travel 230km to a friend's home so he could do some work in a dead A4000.
Mouse+keyboard+sound it's working, the rest is ok.

we changed a lot of capacitors, but we need more 2 to finnish it. the Board and the A3640 had a lot of leak, some chips near the battery were in realy bad shape, so he is doing the best he can.
Fingers crossed.

Phantom 11:59 24th March 2012
Seems a tough job mate, good luck with the result.
Harrison 23:12 24th March 2012
I hope you manage to resurrect it to full working order.
Puni/Void 20:53 29th March 2012
Good luck, Tiago!
Andrew1971 05:51 18th April 2012
Damn you Amiga you WILL work again !!
Tiago 09:11 18th April 2012
My friend Jorge Pedro was able to fix joystick port and horizontal+buttons on mouse, but still no vertical movement.
The Board works fine on the rest, but not very stable. He is doing the best he can, but it's difficult. I don't know what to do after it, if the
board will not be fine. Sending it to a professional price+shipping (go and return) is about 100 euros.... and i am not totaly sure that it can be repaired... i dont know... i just hope my friend can bring it back to life.
Andrew1971 10:29 18th April 2012
I hope your friend can bring it back to life there's nothing more soul destroying then spending all that time and man hour's for something that does not work at end of it.
And when it does work nothing more rewarding seeing it run for the first time perfectly.
Many Thanks
Harrison 11:36 24th April 2012
There is a guy in France who can refurb A4000 boards for reasonable prices. Is that who you refer to already?

For the mouse movement, if all caps have been replaced and you still have problems, then it might be some surface tracks damaged by the battery leaking. You would need to find what ones are damaged and solder some wires to bypass the breaks.
Tiago 13:25 24th April 2012
Yes, that's the guy.
Well all caps were changed, some tracks were clean, mouse is much better now, video and audio to. Much the full system is not stable.
My friend changed some chips, and it's getting better, he also changed the PSU. Next Saturday he will change some more chips and tracks...
Fingers crossed !!
Tht guy in France is quite good, problem is that sending the board there and then get it back with repair price, will be above 100 euros... :-(
Harrison 16:15 24th April 2012
As you have already done a full cap replacement I don't think it would be worth sending the board, unless you really can't find the issue. An alternative would be to ask on Amibay as many members on there will have some more ideas to what problems might be, and some might even offer to take a look for you for free, especially if I asked them on your behalf.

When you say the system is unstable, what exactly does it do? Will to boot to the kickstart screen? And if so does it boot into Workbench? Is it an 040 installed? If so it might be getting hot and over heating. I had that issue when I first replaced the original 030 in mine with an 040. I added a small fan on top of the heatsink and it solved the issue. One of the best ways to check the A4000 is stable is to boot up Frontier: Elite 2 and leave it cycling around on the intro. That really pushes the system and will see how stable it is.
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