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Thread: A4000 - coming back to life
Tiago 15:42 26th April 2012
Well i am not the one who is doing all the stuff, it's Jorge Pedro from Coimbra.
I think that after a while it start to shut down... It is a 040 and it does not have a fan on top of it, but it was not an upgrade.
next saturdar we will try to change some more stuff, if it's not ok i will start asking everyone for help. but the fan could be a good thing to do.
Harrison 15:14 27th April 2012
My A4000's 040 isn't an upgrade version either. Mine is the standard 3640 A4000 CPU board. My A4000 had the 030 version originally so I upgraded it to the standard 040 version. They still overhead, especially if they don't have the cooler 040 revision fitted. 040's are the hottest running CPUs from the 68K series and often having issues.
Tiago 09:05 2nd May 2012
we didn't do that yet, but i think it's a good test, putting a heatsink. Everythink looks fine, but after some minutes image freeze.
We changed RAMS, PSU, ROMS, PAULA, almost all CAPS.
He has his own 4000 so he swap a lot of parts, maybe try to swap the 3640+cpu just to see what happend.
Tiago 10:22 12th July 2012
Some more news about this A4000, my friend changed some more chips on the baord, and it's now working good !!!!!!!!
He was able to run some games, without problems, only a few noice on sound left channel, but that should be a a result of to much heat with solder iron near the CAPS when fixing other stuff. So i am very happy with the results.... He is not a tecnician but he has good solderig skills, he replaced a lot of components from the board and we see now some very good results.
Harrison 11:39 12th July 2012
No sound from the A4000 is normally the Caps right next to the audio out connectors. Replace those and it normally fixes it.
Tiago 18:05 12th July 2012
Yes, he did replace them, it was the first thing he did, i did saw that process. But it was not enough, he start to replace other components, and in the end, there was to much soldering iron fo sold, and to much of that de-soldering unit of hot air. so the caps near the working areas must be replaced again.
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