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Thread: Increase your broadband speed
Kin Hell 12:02 7th November 2012
Originally Posted by Harrison:
Sounds like a lack of resources at your local exchange. That is the thing. You can have the fastest connection in the world between your house and the exchange, but it is the connection from the exchange to the internet that is the real connection.
Nope. You can go to Stenalees (1 mile up the road) & connections up there are far superior to this area. Stenalees has a Fibre link to St. Austell Exchange & the Net is fine, as is gaming.

It's the "D" side of my cabinet that is f'kd. BT just wont listen to my claims & have chucked me a Stalemate Letter already.
StuKeith 14:58 19th November 2012
Originally Posted by Harrison:
Nice to see you around Stu. Hope things are getting back on track for you?

Sounds more like the game is saturating the network. On quite a few routers you can throttle certain IPs, so if you could find the range World of Tanks uses (BTW great game) then you could restrict the game's usage to something like 1Mbit which should be plenty for playing. Although with the ping going high and the download speed slowing right down it sounds more like the upload speed is being saturated as this will stall the download speed. So try to find a way to throttle the upload bandwidth he is using.

Not too bad, Going through Divorce, Finally out the tent, working now which is good, and work near your neck of the woods too. (Chichester) The new place is ok. Just a room in a shared house. WOT is a good game, ive been playing it when I got time.

Ive got a new women now and shes great, Things with the Chav Ex are over (in terms of stunt she pulled with Rozzers) but shes claiming I'm father to her unborn child (She was sleeping with 3 men)

Coming up to xmas now, so the Sh**e is about to come and slap me around the face, anytime soon.
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