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Thread: Burned ISO. on Commodore CDTV
j_sntos 00:03 28th February 2012
Hi guys, i've just bought a commodore cdtv system recently, i'm wondering if is it possible to play burned iso cds for the cdtv or the system won't recognize burned copys. I'm new to this so need some help. Thanks
Harrison 10:38 28th February 2012
As far as I know, you can use CD-R's with the CDTV, just as you can the later CD32.

You must burn the discs at the slowest speed your writer allows. 4x if possible, or 8x if that is the slowest available. Use good quality discs, not cheap supermarket unbranded ones. A make like Sony or Verbatim will give much better results than others.
Phantom 10:59 28th February 2012
As Harrison said, but don't bother with the CD brand, at least don't use no-name-chinese brands.