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Thread: how to record Amiga into video (real and winuae)
Tiago 15:51 24th February 2012
i need to record Amiga to video (avi, mpg, other).

- I try to record with winuae, with different settings, and if game/demo is simple, it's ok, but it it needs a bit more cpu power, the video get some jumps in image and sound... (a good example is state of the art Demo)

- i try with video screen grabber software... even slower....

- the only was i think it should be 100% is plug the real Amiga to a DVD stand-alone recorder by scart, and record the video, then transfer the files to PC... this should work ok, i guess...

- i can buy a USB video capture there are a lot in ebay for 10 euros... but they dont have scart, one RCA composite, one S-Video. Video quality should not be the best....

- or this video capture with scart:

Any tip, advice, hardware, or other software to try video capture?
Harrison 16:38 24th February 2012
Use your genlock to connect your Amiga to S-Video using one of those cheap USB capture devices.
Tiago 16:49 24th February 2012
Yes, the problem is that the genlock is not working.... as i told in other post image is scrolling horizontly.
I could not stop it yet :-(