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Thread: Monkey Island Comic
Harrison 07:44 7th March 2009
Use the following link to download it

The original link is broken because of the server move. The files will eventually be relocated to the new server.
Milosforman 14:07 21st September 2015
[QUOTE=Demon Cleaner;4535]I still have the Monkey Island comic on my PC, so I did a pdf file of it and thought I'll post it here for everyone.

This Monkey Island comic is copyright by Paco Vink.
All characters and names used in the story are copyrighted property of LucasArts.
The comic is exclusive to the site

hi Demon,

Do you still have a copy of the copy? I would be glad to receive it if you can send. your link and the other site are both offline.
Thanks for your help
Demon Cleaner 04:51 22nd September 2015
Unfortunately the pdf was on the webspace which Harrison gave me some time ago, and it doesn't seem to work anymore. Perhaps he still has it if he can still access the site.
Harrison 10:29 22nd September 2015
What doesn't work? Just the link? Or the webspace? Webspace is still setup and working. I can reset your ftp login if you need.
Demon Cleaner 03:47 23rd September 2015
Ok, I tried now, it still works, although the /retromags folder is unfortunately gone. I must have deleted it at some point.
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