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Thread: Your best gaming memories on the Amiga
Puni/Void 15:49 22nd December 2006
What is your best and most cherished memories of gaming on the Amiga? Was it the first time you booted up The Secret of Monkey Island 1 and listened to the intro music? Was it beating the crap out of your mates in Streetfighter 2 or maybe it was being the official street champion of Kick Off 2? So, what is your best gaming memories on the Amiga?
LowercaseE 13:04 28th December 2006
One of my best memories is playing Shufflepuck Cafe for hours and hours trying to beat all the different opponents. I also used to love having Pinball Dreams tornaments with my friends to see who could get the highest score. The whole Monkey Island experience goes without saying too.
Vangar 09:35 29th December 2006
My most memorable time was playing Giana sisters, and seeing the red sector logo bounce over and over.
Demon Cleaner 10:23 29th December 2006
I have a lot of best gaming memories on the amiga.

1st would be playing Elite together with my cousin all the time, and we were just amazed how huge this galaxy was, impressive (compared to nowadays).

Then of course all the Kick Off hours I spent, and seing that finally in the 3rd installment Goal!, you could also play horizontally, that was the best they could do.

And of course, with my real first girlfriend when I was sweet 18, playing Twintris all the time with her (when playing on the amiga ), and losing all the time, that drove me mad. Because of this thread, you reminded me of that, thanks PG, that's 17 years ago.
Teho 15:07 29th December 2006
Ooh, Twintris. The best Tetris game ever made. I remember sitting with this for hours too. This is still the one I fire up whenever I feel like playing a Tetris game.

Let's see, best Amiga gaming moment. Probably in Frontier, doing a slingshot around a gas-giant or something. Or trying to achieve a geo-stationary orbit (never quite succeeded, but got very close). Or maybe completing Realms of Arkania, that took months. Mainly because the battles were so slow on an A500. Or perhaps completing Syndicate (which was also horribly slow on an A500).

Too many to choose from.
v85rawdeal 15:38 29th December 2006
I think my fondest memory from my Amiga-heavy days was the day I picked up a PD catalogue from Softville and saw a review of a demo disk I had provided them... My claim to fame... Mind you, it wasn't a good demo, but I didn't care... It was mine... and reviewed in a catalogue... I was so not worthy!
J T 15:44 29th December 2006
Originally Posted by P G:
the first time you booted up The Secret of Monkey Island 1 and listened to the intro music?

Also, playing Micro Machines in 2-player like crazy.
Harrison 13:14 2nd January 2007
There were a lot of great gaming memories for me from the Amiga days.

The first time I played Stunt Car Racer using two linked Amigas was a great memory. And as with others here the first Monkey Island was special, as was Lure of the Temptress and Future Wars. I played all of those games right through as soon as I got them.

Lemmings is quite a special game as it was the only game that came with my first Amiga and the first game I played to death on the system and I can still remember carrying the Amiga home on the bus and I couldn't wait to set it up and switch it on. I think I much have played Lemmings the whole day.

Speedball 2 was another great one. The first time that intro music played and then the first time the ball launched and the madness began. And I got that game as part of the Bitmap Bros compilation which was a great package as it also contained the first Xenon and Cadaver and all of those games were played a lot.

Xenon 2 was another game that holds a lot of memories. I was a big fan of the original Xenon and had been waiting for Xenon 2 for a long time, with the magazines running preview stories for months. Finally going into town and purchasing the game was great, and the game didn't disappoint. Amazing graphics for the time and great gameplay. Everyone I knew bought it and we all used to play the game at each others houses. The organic graphics and movement of the sprites, as well as the shop window loading for the first time. All great memories.

I could go on forever with loads of great gaming memories. The first time I managed to get a game I had been waiting for for a long time. Finding some great compilations containing a selection of games I had been after for ages, the first time i opened a game box etc...

The best memories of all have to probably be Frontier: Elite 2. Opening the box and discovering all of the booklets inside, as well as the star map, then loading the game for the first time to see the fully 3D intro using the in game graphics, with the classical orchestral score, and then the actual game loading and using the interactive 3D star map for the first time and seeing the true scale of the games universe.
Ghost 03:31 17th January 2007
Hello people,

There are probably more games but the first example that came to my mind was Cannon Fodder.
Great game.
TiredOfLife 21:35 18th January 2007
When I developed the knack of hitting the killer shot in Sensi Soccer.
Close second, the face on my mate when I kept using it against him repeatedly.
Close third the look of joy on the rest of the lads who he had been lording it over, until I kept using the shot against him and kicking his arse.
Absolutely brilliant.
When you are tired of getting one over on your mates, you are tired of life.

Happy days.
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