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Thread: Your best gaming memories on the Amiga
J T 03:13 12th September 2017
Originally Posted by J T:
Originally Posted by Submeg:
...extremely hard and long! but still loved it...

Originally Posted by Agram:
Some personal achievements and memories...

First successful landing on the air craft carrier in F/A-18 Interceptor. Took some patience, and trepidation. And achieving a 1:1 ratio for missiles fired to bogies downed.
Oh man, landing on the carrier was a real bitch until you got the knack, I remember that well. Also keenly remember spending a lot of time flying under the golden gate (and trying to do it upside down as well - can't remember if I ever made it). I also did silly thing like seeing how far the plane could be driven around the map (yes, that's without actually taking off - the things kids do, eh? ).

F/A-18 interceptor was a cracker, I really enjoyed it. I have the manual already scanned (and a bunch of others too, form a while back) - really must get round to adding these things to the site.
After re-reading this old post of mine, I have a hankering for messing about with a more modern flight simulator. Although nothing too complex, I don't have much time nowadays for ****wittery
Harrison 07:44 12th September 2017
There are quite a few flight sims with a more unforgiving arcade style of control, but still some great graphics and gameplay.

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J T 10:54 12th September 2017
I'd like to cruise around recognisable landmarks, do some stunts and (importantly) blow some things up
Tiago 11:23 12th September 2017
How do i never saw this post?
Best memories o Amiga?
- First game i played, Wings of Fury, trying to land, and figuring out that i had to press up, for the F4 get the hook on the carrier
- F18 - the Carrier, the brigde, omg, so many many hours!
- F1GP - completing the full season in highest difficulty. O boy those were the days. Also Betting the Estoril Circuit Record for more the 1,5s as i remember.
- i feel embarrassed on this next one: Party Games, do you remember? You had to roll the joystick to get points. Well, i just dismount a joystick, and with a friend, we played directly on the 4 switchs. 4 hands, one on each switch of the joystick. We did so many points and the score went so high that the digits on screen went into a bug situation. Some digits overlap others as i remember.
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