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Thread: Hint of some new Amiga games.
Buleste 10:22 13th December 2011
I've just been reading some threads on an MSX forum and came across this little snippet.

Originally Posted by :
I'm currently doing an Amiga cenversion of Advance Wars 2, and am looking at making a cross between Fire Emblem (GBA) and Ultima using the Fire Emblem graphics. It would be interesting if this could be done well on an MSX 2. Also, Kings Valley 2 is a game I would love to see on the Amiga.
That was from a post by someone named ThorhamZed. If anyone has more information I'd love to hear from you.
Harrison 11:56 13th December 2011
That would be great to see. I always loved the Advance War games on the DS and GBA, but thought they would work better on a larger screen. Let us know if you find out anything more.

BTW, didn't the MSX2 have pretty good graphics capabilities?
Buleste 14:06 13th December 2011
The MSX2/MSX2+ had great graphics capabilities. A Good example (at least in my mind) is the Knight Lore remake.
Demon Cleaner 14:17 13th December 2011

I really like the Advance Wars franchise, and I also like Fire Emblem. Would be a nice combination.
Phantom 14:21 13th December 2011
Nice news we've got here, but what's about? Classic Amiga or AmigaOS 4.x?
Buleste 18:45 13th December 2011
Up until a quick google search all I knew was what I'd posted. However I have just found out that this project has been on going since November 2007 and AFAIK it's classic Amiga but may be AGA with a possibility of a OCS/ECS port. Here's the EAB thread just don't expect anything soon.
Harrison 01:22 14th December 2011
Not such good news if the project dates all the way have to the start of 2007. That's almost 5 years and you would think something working could be seen by now.