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Thread: What Amiga games to collect
Harrison 13:57 29th November 2011
I must admit I've never played it. Must dig it out some time and have a go.
Ghost 19:17 29th November 2011
Originally Posted by burns flipper:
I bought Brides of Dracula on budget for 7 at the time. Had many hours of fun playing that with friends. Great days.
Hello Burns,

Brides of Dracula is the most fun when you play it with two player as it is intended to be.
Solo it becomes rather boring as the computer knows exactly where to find the items or the women, also at some point the enemy just stood still on the screen and let himself be killed over and over.
I won because the enemy player refused to move.
burns flipper 21:34 30th November 2011
Yes, it was a bit dull if it was 1-player. The split-screen worked well (horizontal, and it was a horizontal-scroller game), and Helsing walked in a funny way. I always wondered if Smokey the Bong Elf had a purpose or if he was just background scenery. Fun game, but only as 2-player.

I just watched a vid of it and I remember now that some of the enemies walking around would only attack one of the characters. That was quite neat. Villagers would only attack Dracula, not Helsing - and all the bats/undead were the opposite. So you'd both be playing in the same arena, but the environment would react in different ways depending who you were.
Ghost 13:50 4th December 2011
Yeah Van Helsing's strange posture and walk made me think he was the town drunk or something.
And yes, the elf with the bong, what was up with that.

I wonder, can 2-players game be played over the net with WinUAE?
burns flipper 14:40 5th December 2011
I read on the internet the other day that if you jump around the Bong Elf and time it just right, something happens.
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