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Thread: On Facebook? Consider my AMIGA Facebook group!
Chewieshmoo 23:26 19th November 2011
Mods/Admins. If this is anyway inappropriate PLEASE feel free to remove or edit as required! I will totally understand and not trouble anyone again!

Hello all. My name is Rob Daviau. I have had a Classic Gaming and Computing group for sometime on Youtube with many interesting members, it worked out so well with great participation and feedback that recently I decided to expand by opening more Facebook groups all with a theme and focus of my favorite things. Of course one of those is Amiga and so I started a group with this statement:

Welcome to MaximumRD's Amiga Appreciation Hub. For fans of one of the greatest computer line of all time! Including the entire Amiga line from the original A1000 to the blockbuster A500 and even then CDTV and CD32 come join in on the fun relating to all things AMIGA! YES the C64 was awesome but the AMIGA was magic!

Nothing more and nothing less. My intent here is only this one time to make as many Amiga fans aware of my group. If your not into Facebook or otherwise have no interest then fair enough I only ask that if you ARE on Facebook and an Amiga fan that you consider dropping by, if you like what you see so far then please consider joining and maybe even participating / contributing as groups like this are only a good as the members. Thank you for your time and consideration. Take care.

If your interested in the above or any of the following then you are welcome to check out all of my Facebook groups!

MaxRD's Classic Gaming and Computing:
MaxRD's MST3K (Mystery Science Theater 3000)
MaxRD's Emulation Appreciation:
MaxRD's Survival Horror:
MaxRD's Video Game Cheats:

All my groups are above all for fun, sharing, discussions and pretty much a central hub of pictures, articles, news, links, videos etc!
Chewieshmoo 21:16 19th December 2011
Just checking back before the NEW YEAR. FYI we are up to 58 members and it has been GREAT! Pictures, videos, comments, shared memories etc.

My last request if your on FACEBOOK drop by and decide for yourself but I am SURE you will love it, PLEASE JOIN and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and have a great New Years!

Harrison 01:31 20th December 2011
Don't forget to also join the official Classicamiga facebook group that has been running for quite some time.
Chewieshmoo 04:24 24th December 2011
Originally Posted by Harrison:
Don't forget to also join the official Classicamiga facebook group that has been running for quite some time.
FYI up to 77 members and if anyone prefers GOOGLE+ then you might just want to consider:
Harrison 13:23 24th December 2011
Nice. Added it to my Google+ account.

I definitely think Google+ looks a lot nicer (cleaner) than Facebook. That always looks a bit cluttered and a mess, and too busy.