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Thread: Buying advice : A500 (1.3) or others : mainly for games.
Harrison 15:46 25th October 2011
Something else worth mentioning is that the standard A1200 PSU isn't that good. It is only about 25W and is only really good enough to power the A1200 with a ram expansion. If you added an internal hdd it can often just about cope, but add an accelerator and it will fail. The A500 had a much stronger 60W PSU, which a lot of A1200 users used instead. These are cream in colour like the A500, rather than white in colour like the A1200 and its official PSU. Many sellers also try to palm buyers offer with the even worse A600 PSUs that were even less powerful and could only just power the A600 with a 1MB trapdoor expansion, and nothing else.

The best PSU option is to convert a standard PC ATX PSU to use with any Amiga.
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