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Thread: Netbook for AmigaOS 4! (you better believe it!)
Puni/Void 19:43 23rd October 2011
Yes, it's true. A netbook for AmigaOS 4 will be released in Q1/Q2 2012. Price range $300-$500, AmigaOS pre-installed and included in the price.

I'm going to get one.. are you?

I've written a short entry in my blog about it. If you're interested, check it out:

Netbook for AmigaOS 4! (you better believe it!)
Stephen Coates 20:27 23rd October 2011
Sounds good.

I'm definitely interested.
DonAmiga 22:35 23rd October 2011
yes sound good It would be great to see some pics soon and an idea would be to release it in custom white case with some Amiga logos
Harrison 12:48 24th October 2011
Cool. Any mention of specs yet? I'm assuming this will still be PPC based?
Phantom 16:26 24th October 2011
Interested too, looks nice.

Yes, it will be PowerPC though, using e300 processors from FreeScale which they go up to 800MHz.
Harrison 13:48 25th October 2011
An 800MHz PPC would definitely be interesting. And a portable notebook would make AmigaOS actually useful as PPC is a lot less power hungry than any intel CPU so might also mean longer battery life.
Puni/Void 12:00 24th November 2011
Are you thinking of getting one when it is released, Harrison?
Harrison 15:06 24th November 2011
No. I expect they will be expensive and I don't have any money at the moment.
Phantom 12:31 25th November 2011
If the price will stay between $300-$500, I will acquire one.
Harrison 13:36 25th November 2011
If you do get one please take some pictures of it for us to see it, and also post something about what you think of it. Would be great to find out.
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