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Thread: Combat Air Patrol AGA?
Shoonay 15:39 22nd October 2011
Two guys from PPA claim they are 100% sure they had such a version. It was an original boxed game, not an AGA-fixed cracked one.

First guy, pekdar, played it. He's sure because he tried the ECS version recently and it doesn't look anything like it.

The second guy, bombermax, remembers the original box his brother got for his birthday since it said "AMIGA AGA required" on the box, also the manual mentioned: "requirements A1200/A4000 2MB+ AGA" and he couldn't play it because he had an A600 so they had to return it and get a different game.

Phantom 17:41 22nd October 2011
I never heard of CAP to be AGA too. I only knew that only an ECS version ever existed.
Harrison 12:56 24th October 2011
I'm also sure there was an AGA release. I might even have it but would need to dig through my original boxed games to look.
Shoonay 14:01 24th October 2011
Cool, that makes it the fourth confirmation, before you also Deftronic from PPA claimed he must have it in his collection and seen an ad/review in some mag.
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