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Thread: Picasso 96 winuae asks for a new driver
Tiago 07:37 17th October 2011
i installed a new winuae version. My HDF with OS39 that had picasso 96 installed still work, but when i start winuae he says that i should put a new driver for picasso96 (rtg.library).
Can anyone give me a link for the latest one? I can't find an official site for picasso96...

Harrison 13:59 17th October 2011
Have you got Picasso96 support selected in WinUAE?
Tiago 14:29 17th October 2011
I did the picasso96 install using the winuae grx instead of any other graphics card.
And in Winuae i chouse 8MB of RTG graphics. With no mem, i didnt work.... the question is, it's working fine, i have OS3.9 at 1366*768 with no problems, but WINUAE says at every startup i need to get a new version...
Tiago 08:07 18th October 2011
got it, it was inside winuae folders.... :-) just need to copy it to LIBS : picasso96... and ready to roll !!
Harrison 11:07 18th October 2011
Glad you found it.

Running OS3.9 with picasso96 drivers under WinUAE really is a nice experience. Far exceeds anything possible on any real classic Amigas as they are just not fast enough, and PC's emulating it these days really show this up. The emulated version is really nice to use. Just wish there was a way for us to emulate OS4.
Tiago 12:42 20th October 2011
emulation on OS4 would be great, maybe on day.
Harrison 13:57 20th October 2011
Sadly our best hope for that was PearPC, but its development was stopped when the Mac moved to Intel as it wasn't seen a useful project any more. Real shame.