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Thread: Dell U2410 on the Amiga
Stephen Coates 13:44 8th October 2011
I thought I would make a separate topic to put some photographs of my Dell U2410 connected to my Amigas.

Summary: It supports the Amiga's 15kHz output from the RGB port!

*Watches Amiga users dash out to buy one*

Firstly, I connected it to the Amiga 500+'s Mono port, since I couldn't find my A520.

Here are some pictures:


It supports Picture in Picture and Picture Beside Picture:


I hooked up the A500+ to the amp and speakers as well. This could make a nice gaming setup:


Here's a close up:

Next I tried the A1200 with its colour composite output and RGB. It was quite a surprise that the regular PAL mode worked on the VGA input. I expected only the 30kHz modes to work.

Colour composite isn't as good quality as monochrome, but it works. RGB is much better. I had to turn the sharpness all the way down though for it to look decent, as it looked crap at first.

Here are some comparisons between composite and RGB:

Holiday Lemmings 1994, Composite:

Holiday Lemmings 1994, RGB:

Superfrog, Composite:

Superfrog, RGB:

Here is the A500+ connected to the RGB port via a Silver Box adaptor. The monitor's OSD just says the mode is 576i.

I think once I have built my new desk (I'm making progress, honest), I will keep an Amiga out permanently to use on this monitor alongside the PC, since it obviously works with no extra effort.

The RGB mode is definitely better than composite. Personally, I don't think either are as good as using a proper Multiscan monitor (e.g. CM8833), but considering that we are more or less doubling the size of the image, I can't really complain. I'd say it is perfectly usable. The 30kHz output from the A1200 was good also, but it took a while to auto adjust. Some noise was noticable in all modes, but it wasn't too distracting.

When I had it connected to the A500+'s mono port, I did set it to a Super Highres Interlaced mode, and that worked fine. No flicker and was quite clear. It was certainly blurry, but still quite usable.

Harrison 07:27 10th October 2011
Thanks for posting this Steve. That is very interesting news that it works with RGB. I'm wondering if newer monitors will because a lot of them are now using the same panels as HDTVs.

Definitely solves the problem for retro fans, with no need for expensive flicker fixers/scan doublers.
Phantom 17:40 10th October 2011
Yup, nice one. Although scanlines doesn't exist in such monitors, so graphics tend to be more blocky, but you can't have everything though.
Harrison 20:47 10th October 2011
That is a good point... because LCD monitors produce a much cleaner image and don't have the scanlines of CRTs the image will actually look more blocky and not as nice because it is actually showing them as they really are, whereas originally graphics artists designed graphics to take advantage of CRT and scanlines, so it works against that with new displays.
Stephen Coates 22:50 10th October 2011
I've no idea whether other monitors will support the 15kHz signal.

This is not in the specification, as it says the signal should be a minimum of 30kHz.

Maybe it is using the same analogue to digital converter circuits on the VGA port that are used for the video ports.
Harrison 11:19 1st November 2011
Steve, do you mind me asking how much you paid for this monitor?

Also has anyone ever considered refurbished ones? I noticed a company listed as an official Dell re-supplier, selling refurbished units with a 1 year warranty for 2/3 the retail price.
Stephen Coates 14:27 1st November 2011
I paid about 429 for it inc delivery and VAT.

Here is the link. Looks like it has been reduced by 15

A refurbished one would probably be fine. I'm not sure if you would get the Dell warranty with it though. The Dell warranty is three years and covers against any dead pixels. It is probably a good thing that they include a good warranty as I have heard that there have been some quality control issues with this monitor.

Thinking of getting one harrison?
Harrison 14:41 1st November 2011
No. I wouldn't want to pay that much for a 22-24" monitor with only a 1920x1200 resolution. Although I know the reason it does cost a lot more than most in this size range is because it does have a very good display that is quite accurate for professional use where colour accuracy is more important, and an area I need a display to be good for.

I was just asking because the larger 27" U2711 2560x1440 can be purchased refurbished for the same price.
rkauer 05:19 9th August 2013
This is awesome!

From the latests tests we did in Brazil all this Dell series monitors are able to sync in 15kHz.

Run for it while you can!
Stephen Coates 07:40 9th August 2013
That's good to know

I don't have any other modern LCD monitors so can't test anything else, and since buying this one, I haven't been keeping up to date with what is available.

Which models did you test?
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