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Thread: Burns Flipper Software Archive
Harrison 14:47 2nd September 2011
I've been using my Kryoflux controller to convert a load of Amiga floppy disks into ADFs for preservation, and also to easily share them with you all. Burns Flipper (Rich) sent me his PD collection for conversion and I'm getting a fair way through it all, so decided to start sharing it with everyone.

You can access everything I've currently managed to dump from this disk collection at:

File names and updates

All file-names are in TOSEC naming convention standards.

If there is a [!] at the end of a name it means it is a perfect clean dump with no errors and the disk images works perfectly.
If there is a [b] at the end of the name it means there were bad sectors during the image dump. Most disk images with a few sector errors still work perfectly, but some don't.

Not all files are named correctly. I had to work out a lot of them from loading the disks and trying to work it out. Many are missing things like the year of release, which will show (19xx). Or if the developer or publisher are missing a (-) will be a place holder. I've not tested all of the images yet to see how well they work so if any of you get time to test them, correct and update any file naming errors please let me know.

Full naming conversion used for this archive is as follows:

Disk/Software Name (Year)(Developer)(Publisher)(system requirements)(PD/Shareware)(Disk Number)[flags].adf

So for example:

Morton Strikes Back AGA (1994)(Confused Pelican Software)(AGA)[!].adf

Not all parts need to be included. The minimum needed is Name (Year)(Developer).adf and if no info is known then the minimum required is: Name (19xx)(-).adf

New Dumps

As I get through more disks I will add to the server. Anything I'm not sure about will be uploaded to the NewDumps directory. Normally because I've not had time to yet check the disk contents to see exactly what the disk is. If any of you get time to check the new dump contents, please let me know what the files really are and I can relocate them into the correct directories and/or amend their file-names.

More disks Needed

If any of you have any more Amiga floppy disk collections and want to get them archived and converted into ADFs, or you have a load you wish to share, please contact me. The eventual aim is to create our own Classicamiga Amiga software archive from this for anyone and everyone to access and download from.
Harrison 14:01 5th September 2011
This initial Archive represents the beginning of a larger project. The idea will be to create a central repository where all members will be able to access and download any of the software within the Archive, but also upload and contribute to the Archive.

The main aim is to create an ongoing collection of harder to find rare Amiga releases, and eventually to expand this beyond just the Amiga and to also offer software for other retro platforms such as Atari ST and PC.

Access to the archive will be via FTP or HTTP, and anyone wishing to contribute to the Archive will be able to do so via a separate FTP upload address. I'm unsure yet about visitor vs member access. Maybe a compromise of allowing so many downloads per day for unregistered members, and unlimited access for registered members. What do you think?

Among the software included in this archive, I want it to contain everything from PD and Shareware releases, to drivers, utilities and the Demo Scene.

Regarding copyrighted software. Whilst I don't think we can ever offer a publicly accessible location for such software I do think a more secure area is realistic for registered members to access. Its contents being private to only those with access, similar to The Vault.