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Thread: Getting information about accelerator card using Workbench floppies?
Agram 13:40 24th August 2011
Considering a clear out, but wanted to get photographs of hardware specification from an operational system.

The hard drive seems to have given up the ghost (was old even when i got it). And all I've found on the Workbench 3.1 floppies is ShowConfig on the Extras disk that shows this (sorry for monitor frequency banding obscuring text).

Apart from SysInfo expansion board screen is there anything else more suitable I can use?
Harrison 00:13 25th August 2011
From your screenshots we can see that your accelerator card is a 68030 accelerator, and has an MMU is is a full 030 and not an EC version. We can also see that it has 32MB of Fast ram fitted.

The quickest way to ID your accelerator is to take the trapdoor cover off under the A1200 and physically look at the card. If you are still not sure post a picture of it here and I will ID it for you.
Agram 15:57 26th August 2011
Is there anyway to take screen shots with Workbench 3.1? So I can get a clear ShowConfig picture before removing accelerator.
Harrison 16:18 26th August 2011
You probably don't need to remove the accelerator. Just take the trapdoor cover off under the Amiga and take a look. Often you can see enough to identify the make and model.
Agram 18:16 26th August 2011
I'm going to have to take it out unless you have some clairvoyant ability. And that requires opening A1200 due to the size of accelerator. From memory it had Viper in small letters on it somewhere.

In the meantime he is the back shot of it. I'll edit post and add other picture when taken apart.


Some more details. Think Viper might of been named used in sales desciption on website. It was bought from Vesalia Computers in 2005. Arrived in the box below (not sure if box is the actual manufacturer or scraped used for packaging). No information on sides of box.

Full view of back of card with JONA on edge.

Harrison 20:56 26th August 2011
This is a variation of the Elbox 1230-II or the Apollo 1230 Turbo Mk3 (both the same). Your one is a third version created in Germany by ACT Elektronik and called the Winner 1230.

This has a 68EC030 at 40 MHz and FPU at 40MHz (both 33MHz chips overclocked by the maker), plus one SIMM socket supporting up to a 32MB Simm.

More info and images can be found at:

Hope that helps.
Agram 22:06 26th August 2011
Thanks. That's an impressive party piece and demonstration of Amiga knowledge.