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Poll: Are you a compulsive hoarder?
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Are you a compulsive hoarder?
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    Thread: Are you a compulsive Hoarder?
    Squen 13:48 5th September 2011
    yep, without a doubt!
    Buleste 09:46 6th September 2011
    Just bought myself some more C64 stuff and a Toshiba HX-10 MSX. Going to have a look for some more games before I buy a CF interface for the MSX.

    EDIT: Bugger MSX1 cannot handle any of the CF interfaces so I would have to buy an MSX2 (impossible to get hold of in UK) from the Netherlands for 60 Euros and then CF interface for another 60 Euros and it starts becoming very expensive.

    Fortunately I have a Gen4 iPod which will play WAV files so I'm converting ROMs and CAS files to wav and plugging my iPod into my MSX. Not fats but it does mean I can play lots of Ultimate games without paying through the nose.
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