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Thread: The first game you ever played?
Harrison 01:04 13th March 2007
What was the first Amiga game you ever played?

Not just on a system you personally owned, but any Amiga. But also you must have played it properly and not just seen it running in a store.

I've been trying to remember what the first game I ever played was on the Amiga and I'm not 100% sure. I didn't own my own Amiga until 1991 when the A600 was released. Before this I played most games on an Atari ST, but sometimes on friends Amigas. The first ever Amiga game I played was definitely one of these: might have been Arkanoid, Barbarian, Ikari Warriors, Starglider or Terramex. I don't know which one was first though.
Submeg 02:14 13th March 2007
I know! Dragon's Lair! that was the first thing I ever played!
AlexJ 09:06 13th March 2007
Pretty sure it was James Pond: Robocod.
Puni/Void 09:45 13th March 2007
I think the first game I played on the Amiga was Summer Olympics 1988. That was a great sports game, which was good for competing against friends. As far as I remember, the game had pretty good graphics and looked awesome at the time.
Teho 14:34 13th March 2007
It was Badlands, I think. One of the guys I hung out with was the first to get an Amiga, and we used to play that alot at his place. But there's no guarantee that was the first one. Actually it probably wasn't, but I can't recall any of the other games we played there.

The very first Amiga game I tried was Terrorpods, but that was in a store so doesn't count in this case I suppose.

On my own Amiga, the first was definitely either Duck Tales or Dragon's Lair: Escape From Singe's Castle, since I bought that Duck Tales/Dragon's Lair A500 bundle pack.
Agram 16:54 13th March 2007
Its got to have been one of the games in the Batman A500 bundle.
The New Zealand Story
Batman - The Movie
F/A-18 Interceptor
Demon Cleaner 21:09 13th March 2007
For me it was Defender of the Crown and 10th Frame, I think that were some of the early amiga games.
v85rawdeal 11:01 14th March 2007
As far as I remember, it was Populous... In fact I am fairly certain it was because they kicked me out of the shop after playing for an hour.

Ah, the memories!!!
Harrison 11:52 14th March 2007
I remember such occasions. I was never personally kicked out of a gaming store, but I did use to get some annoyed glances from the staff working in the stores.

In the 16-bit days I was a student in Southampton and we used to pop into the local gaming stores to see what new games they had running and would normally end up hogging the display systems play them. And because none of us had a SNES or Mega Drive, as we were devote Amiga users, we would just play them in the store instead.
The stores were also the only place I've ever played some systems such as 3DO, CDi, Jaguar, Linx and a few other less successful systems over the years.

The best place for playing games and the staff not bothering was Toys 'R Us as the game systems were just setup in the store and not bothered with. I used to play Gamegear, Snes, Megadrive and a few other systems in there from time to time as I often used their car park to save having to pay to park near college.

Sadly these days you even have to pay in the Toys 'R Us car park, but you can still get away with playing the games in there without being bothered. They have DS, PSP, PS2, Wii and Xbox 360 pops in the Southampton one you can play on. Not that I ever go into Toys 'R Us!
Submeg 00:51 15th March 2007
Once near me the guy I buy my games from had a 3DO! how rare are they?
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