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Thread: The first game you ever played?
my_lo 20:24 14th April 2009
My first was "Maniac Mansion" on C64. This is were it all started for me, i still think a lot about it. That place was awesome, it had all i would love in my dream house: an arcade room, a telescope, a secret lab, a few alien tentacles... Ed even has an subscription to his favourite magazine
Btw, the aliens in my signature also come from that game
Demon Cleaner 07:50 15th April 2009
I guess the first one I played was Asteroids in 1978 or 1979 on the real cab. Later I played with a Philips Videopac G7000, also known as Magnavox Odyssey.
Harrison 09:59 15th April 2009
I'm never sure what the first game I ever played was. It was also an arcade game. Possibly Space Invaders. Maybe even Pong. I know Pong was the first I played on a home system.
Demon Cleaner 10:02 15th April 2009
I also played Pong on a home system, that was a thing which came with my fisrt TV (b/w and only 6 channels). You plugged it into the TV and had 9 games, Pong and Pong like games in the same style, basketball, soccer, and such stuff.
Harrison 10:05 15th April 2009
Yep. Exactly what I played. But the first console I owned myself was an Atari 2600 "woody", and I still have it!
Demon Cleaner 10:30 15th April 2009
My first console was a PSX, and that very late, when it was already very cheap, as before I only had computers starting with the C64 in 1983 or 1984. My cousin had the Magnavox before.
WolfMan 11:11 15th April 2009
OH...We are talking, about ALL systems...
In that first game played, i think that was Manic Miner, from my Spectrum 48K...Great machine...i am still have it and in good working condition...
Demon Cleaner 11:36 15th April 2009
Originally Posted by WolfMan:
My first amiga game played, was Chase HQ...
I like that game a lot too
JLPedro 13:16 15th April 2009
For me was Athletic Land on a Philips VG-8010 MSX, first time I've toutched a keyboard, I was 8 or 9 years old, and my world changed forever.....
If someone here as one of this Philips msx, and wants to get rid of it, i'd love to have one again!
Amigaman52 17:30 15th April 2009
I remember it well, It was "Wings" and I loved the game and still play the game ever chance I get. This and "T.V. Sports Basketball" were years ahead of all other systems games I had Played. I got to play them two days before I was shipped out og Germany to Desert Shield/Storm. I still have two Amiga 2000's and I cannot count the original games I now own. I wish I still had my connections with people that were in my Amiga World back then. I'm still looking for someone that wants to sell their "World Games" by Epxy, I can only play the NTSC version and most of the major sites now are UK.
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