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Thread: The first game you ever played?
Harrison 01:53 15th March 2007
They are getting rarer these days as the system never really took off at the time.

The problem was that when the 3D0 was released it was definitely more powerful than the 16-bit consoles currently on the market and it's capabilities were near to the first Playstation, but it cost a lot of money so hardly anyone bought one. Plus there were not that many games released for the system.

But they are not so rare that you couldn't find one if you really wanted.
J T 21:23 15th March 2007
I think the first Amiga game I ever played was New Zealand Story at a Commodore fair in some Novotel (Hammersmith I believe - West London).

I wasn't really very good at it, and still am not very good at it to be honest.
Puni/Void 10:07 16th March 2007
New Zealand story is a cute, little game. A good platformer. I don't think I have completed it myself, but will try to do so some time in the future.
Harrison 11:39 16th March 2007
New Zealand Story is definitely quite a hard platformer. It is one of my favourites, but I've also never completed it. I used to find the Amiga version quite hard too.

I find the arcade version is easier and although I've not completely that either, I have got further. Plus being an arcade game you can cheat a bit and just keep plying it with virtual coins to continue every time you die.
Demon Cleaner 13:48 16th March 2007
Only played New Zealand Story on the C64, was not outstanding.
TiredOfLife 14:49 17th March 2007
I think mine was Kick Off
Toasty667 11:34 8th May 2007
God that's a question and a half! I 'think' it would have to be Trolls, a game I got with my machine.
Tiago 12:42 3rd June 2008
Never saw this post before,
my first amiga game?

Speed ball and wings of fury were my first 2 games (i play them on my birthday, when i got the A500)
Harrison 13:57 3rd June 2008
The original Speedball? I had that on the Atari ST and thought it was great until I got hold of Speedball 2 on the Amiga. The originals arenas were only as wide as the screen which made ball rebounds quite mad.
Buleste 13:58 3rd June 2008
F/A18 Interceptor on my mates 500. After playing Project Stealth Fighter on the c64 in was a revelation.
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